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Dubai With Baby: Plan the Perfect Baby Vacation in Dubai

by Dubai Travel Planner

Dubai with a baby? Absolutely!

The glamorous desert city of Dubai in the United Arab Emirates may not be the first place that springs to mind when you think of baby-friendly vacations but believe us when we tell you Dubai is an immensely baby-friendly city!

Whether you’re simply planning to get off the plane for a few days on a fly-through visit or looking for that ultimate family destination in the sun, Dubai has got you covered.

Where can I take my baby in Dubai?

There are so many family-friendly destinations made for urban strolling, sightseeing, and splashing about in Dubai, that you’ll honestly be spoilt for choice taking a baby to Dubai.

If your child is a little older, we recommend you head over to our Dubai Toddler Travel page – on this page we’re focused on younger children, newborns up to around 18 months.

10 Best Dubai Attractions with a Baby

Here are some of the top attractions in Dubai that may hold your baby’s interest or at least can cater well to kids of all ages:

* Note that babies are free at most attractions up to the age of 3.

  1. Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo – Situated in Dubai Mall, watch from outside for free or get some close encounters heading inside.
  2. The Green Planet – Enter the biosphere at City Walk for mild temperatures year-round and a chance to meet the wildlife, from parakeets to creepy crawlies, even sloths!
  3. Dubai Garden Glow Zabeel Park comes to life in the winter months with a Dinosaur Park & Glow Garden sure to delight the little ones – and utterly instagrammable.
  4. Dubai Miracle Garden & Butterfly Garden – Visit the world’s largest flower garden and adjacent butterfly garden to discover a magical side to Dubai.
  5. Dubai Frame – Skip the queues at Burj Khalifa and head here. You’ll get great old vs new city views and even a see-through glass floor.
  6. Aquaventure at Atlantis – For a big water park, it’s surprisingly welcoming to all age groups. There’s a smaller kids area Splashers, plus if you’re staying at Atlantis, get entry to the Lost Chambers Aquarium too.
  7. Ain Dubai – The newly opened largest observation wheel in the world for some spectacular city views, followed by a stroll through Bluewaters and dining at one of the many waterfront restaurants (Temporarily closed)
  8. OliOli – Hot or rainy day? This interactive children’s museum can be a winner and includes some play areas designed for the littlest ones (though more suited to toddlers +).
  9. XPark Jr – If you want out of the direct sun on the beach for a while, head across the road from Kite Beach to this cool little splash adventure playground for smaller kids near Kite Beach.
  10. Family-Friendly Beach Club – If you’re not already staying at a beach resort, get a day pass to enjoy some fun and classy outdoor time with your bub at one of Dubai’s coolest beach clubs (yes, especially during weekdays, they’re welcoming of babies!)

This is just a shortlist of suggestions. You’ll also want to pop over and check out our ultimate list of places to visit in Dubai for a complete guide of things to see and do in the city, or if you’ve got older kids too, check out this huge guide to Dubai kids activities.

Areas to dine and stroll with a baby in Dubai

If you’re on a relaxing trip to Dubai but still want to get out and stretch your legs and take a stroll with your bubs, try these areas of the city:

  • La Mer Beachfront – Find colourful beach huts, fun and funky street art with plenty of dining venues, best enjoyed as the evenings cool and the sun sets over the Persian Gulf (NB this area is being renovated as of Winter 2023, so only partially open)
  • The Beach and The Walk – A vibrant part of the city known as JBR. It’s a bit of a tourist mecca, so can get busy, but you’ll find plenty of space for strollers, get your toes in the sand, and even a playground along the way. If you’re up for a longer walk, take the pedestrian bridge all the way over to Bluewaters where you’ll find the giant observation wheel, Ain Dubai.
  • Al Fahidi Historical District & Al Seef – Where old meets new on the banks of Dubai Creek, explore the laneways of the restored area of historic Dubai, then cross into the current market stalls and dining of Al Seef, build in traditional style architecture
  • Dubai Mall & Downtown – As you can expect in a city that thrives indoors for much of the year, Dubai Mall is a hub of activity for families of all ages. Both in the mall itself and outside at the Dubai fountain that sits below Burj Khalifa, there are lots of sensory things here for bubs to enjoy (and an abundance of baby boutique stores!) We would recommend getting in early with dinner plans, though, especially on weekends, it can be heaving later on and difficult to move through the crowds.
  • Dubai Marina Walk – Another excellent location not only to take a stroll but to base yourself when travelling to Dubai with a baby. The Marina walk snakes around the man-made marina providing plenty of lovely flat surfaces for pushing a stroller and dotted with playgrounds. Alternatively, you can hop on the marina water bus for a different view of the incredible skyscrapers and metropolitan life.

You may also want to check out our compelte guide to parks and playgrounds in Dubai and our guide to the best public beaches in Dubai.

Where we’d avoid in Dubai with a baby

Not necessarily outright avoid – after all, many of you are travelling with a baby and have older siblings to consider or other family members – so feel free to throw these ideas into your Dubai itinerary too, but with caution:

  • Dubai Desert Safari – these are ideally aimed at kids 5 years+ – the reason being the dune bashing element is not good for them (or pregnant ladies). You CAN find tour companies that will defer the dune-bashing element of the tour with you and take you straight to camp. Just bear in mand sand + babies + sweaty heat, only something we’d tackle with a baby in winter.

A good compromise if you still want a bit of a desert action with your baby is to stay at a family-friendly desert resort such as Bab al Shams Desert Resort, or if you’re willing for a long drive, Qasr al Sarab in Abu Dhabi Emirate is simply amazing!

  • Theme Parks – Dubai and Abu Dhabi have some incredible theme parks, including Legoland and Dubai Parks and Resorts, but honestly, they’re aimed at older kids. Unless you are total thrill-seeker and happy to take turns minding the baby, save this for when the kids are older and can truly enjoy them as they start to meet the various height limits

Is Dubai too hot for a baby? Dubai Weather explained

The answer to this depends entirely on what time of year you’re visiting Dubai.

  • In the cooler winter months, broadly late November through to March you should have no problem at all with the sun and heat and bringing your baby to Dubai. Just take normal sensible precautions when out and about keeping baby’s skin protected and hydrated.
  • As you hit the shoulder seasons – October to mid-November in autumn – and the “spring” such as it is in Dubai – April to May you’ll need to be careful with how long you’re spending outside. It is completely do-able still to visit Dubai with a baby in the shoulder seasons with sensible precautions; ie, get going early in the day for some outside time, then plan the middle of the days to be indoors or back in your hotel room, before venturing back out again in the late afternoon; overnights are very much bearable in these months.
  • As for summer (June to September) – this depends entirely on your own tolerance levels for heat too! And particularly, what you plan on doing. Make no mistake Dubai in Summer is hot! You will spend very limited time enjoying the outdoors. The seawater will be too hot for swimming and you’ll want to be certain your hotel pool is chilled. Even the evenings bring little reprieve from the heat and humidity of a Dubai summer so expect to be mostly indoors or in a chilled pool.

Helping babies deal with the heat in Dubai

These are some basic precautions to help you deal with the heat

  • Stay out of the direct sun in the middle of the day (remember, babies can dehydrate and become hot and bothered much quicker than us).
  • Infants over six months can wear baby SPF 50+ sunscreen, under six months, your baby should be completely kept in the shade. A beach trip at sunset can be perfect.
  • Factor in that your baby may be hungrier than usual due to the heat and requesting feeds with more frequency than they would at home. Breast and bottle-fed babies can have their regular feeds supplemented with a little water for hydration. Dubai water is drinkable but not to everyone’s taste; you may prefer bottled water.
  • In a playground? Remember, even as the day cools, the materials the playground equipment is made of could still retain their heat and be burning hot to the touch – always test surfaces before your baby touches them.
  • Ditto the sand – especially in summer be aware that they can burn their feet on sand and footpaths around pools that retain their heat, we recommend baby beach shoes in the hotter months.
  • A small fan attached to your baby’s stroller may help them with the warmth and humidity.
  • TOP TP: Anywhere indoors in Dubai can be freezing cold because of the fierce air conditioning! Bring cardigans and warm clothing still and something to wrap baby up warm at night in their cot to counter this.

Remember, the city is absolutely packed full of families who live here all the time; don’t let anyone tell you “it’s not baby-friendly” because of the heat; You simply find ways to cope and adapt your day to deal with the weather conditions.

Getting Around in Dubai With a Baby

One of the trickiest parts about visiting Dubai with a baby is getting around; it may be quite different from what you’re used to in your hometown and need a bit of advanced thought.

Baby Strollers in Dubai

We will say the city has vastly improved accessibility, but it’s not perfect for strollers and wheelchair users. If you are around modern malls and pedestrianized tourist areas, there is no problem. When it comes to older parts of the city, do expect uneven footpaths, obstacles, and giant curbs.

We have a complete guide to baby strollers in Dubai over here – including options to rent your stroller.

One thing to note is that you can access free strollers in Dubai International Airport – but don’t count on it! We’ve been stranded on more than one occasion with middle-of-the-night flights and empty stroller racks.

Dubai Airport Stroller
A great resource at DXB airport – when they’re there!

Baby Car Seats in Dubai

An area the UAE Authorities have worked hard to toughen up on is the mandatory use of car seats and child restraints for under 4s. But we’ll be honest; the rules are sadly still flouted far too often.

It will take just minutes in the Dubai traffic to firmly establish NEVER TAKE A BABY IN ANY CAR WITHOUT A CAR SEAT!!

Using a car ride-share service such as Careem, you can order a family car with a car seat. This is a little more pricey but definitely the safest option when you’re visiting Dubai with a baby.

Alternatively, there is now a service called Hala Junior, also bookable via the Careem app, which is a public taxi that can be booked with either a forward-facing (up to 18kg) or rear-facing car seat (up to 10kg). It costs more than a regular taxi booking, and you may need to wait a little longer for an available car, but it’s by far the safest way to travel with your under 4s.

If you are arriving at DXB airport and taking a taxi, there is a rack of baby seats available at the end of the taxi queue for guests to borrow free of charge. The taxi driver will return it to the airport later. As per the strollers, you will be reliant on the right seat being in stock, our last few visits through DXB its always been fully stocked.

Public Transport in Dubai

All Metro stations in Dubai are designed to be accessible, so you will find lifts and direct access from street level to the platform and train. The issue you can come into is the streets surrounding the Metro station aren’t necessarily even, nor stroller friendly.

Babies travel free on the Metro, only the adults in your group will need a Nol card.

Dining out, feeding, and changing your baby in Dubai

This can be an area of concern for many parents unfamiliar with a new city. Rest assured you’ll find plenty of family-friendly facilities and shops in Dubai to cater to pretty much any need.

Breastfeeding in Dubai

Breastfeeding is allowed and encouraged in Dubai, even if it may not feel like it at first.

The key to breastfeeding in a Muslim country is there’s still an expectation of modesty. Try finding a discreet corner in a cafe, or if out in public, many malls have family rooms (equipped with microwaves and mini toilets for kids too) where you can feed or pump. If not, seek out a female prayer room.

Don’t feel discouraged to feed in an open space when needed but do attempt to cover up if possible using a nursing cover.

We have a complete guide to breastfeeding in Dubai and the UAE here to help you with this most commonly asked question about babies in Dubai!

Feeding your baby at restaurants

Most restaurants – unless you’re looking at extremely high-end or chic bars – will be more than accommodating of you bringing in a baby and able to assist you with things like high chairs.

Whilst highly unlikely the restaurant will have a separate baby food menu, you will be able to request things like bottle warming or extra side dishes for your child at minimal/no cost.

Changing tables in Dubai

The situation with changing tables is vastly improving across the city. You should have no problems locating a changing table, particularly in malls and hotels. But do be aware many are located in the female bathrooms.

Baby supplies in Dubai

Should you need any extra diapers or formula for your baby, we can say you’ll find it in Dubai with a relatively high degree of certainty! If your baby is on any particular medicated brand or is a very fussy bub, we’d suggest bringing enough of your own as it can be harder to get hold of specialised products that are only available in the US or Europe, for example.

You will find convenience stores and supermarkets EVERYWHERE! Big brand name baby chains too like Mumzworld, Baby Centre, Mamas and Papas.

For instant delivery of groceries or medical essentials, download the app InstaShop. Most suppliers can be with you in under an hour anywhere in Dubai city and deliver what you need to your hotel room.

Where should I stay in Dubai with a baby?

The city is your oyster when it comes to baby-friendly hotel choices! There are so many it’s hard to even come up with a shortlist. We’ve done our best over here, we share the best family-friendly resort hotels in the city.

We’ve also got this guide here to the best hotels that include water parks and splash parks, ideal for little ones of all ages.

If you’re looking for more ideas in different areas of the city – we can suggest:

  • Grand Hyatt – a large resort hotel close to the airport has a large shaded pool area with small slides and a shallow entry pool ideal for babies. A favourite we recommend if you’re only on a short stopover with spacious family rooms.
  • Sofitel Dubai the Palm Resort & Spa – one of our preferred family-friendly resort choices on Palm Jumeirah
  • The Ritz Carlton Dubai – on the beachfront but easily accessible to JBR & The Walk; facilities are amazing, so you may never want to leave!
  • The Address Dubai Marina – when convenience is king, here you’re right on the picturesque Dubai Marina but can also access the tram and metro

Do expect all hotels to be able to help you with things like baby cots; no need to bring your own unless you know your baby sleeps best in familiar surroundings. Most hotel rooms are quite spacious, so extra cots easily fit.

If your baby is at the weaning stage, focus your search on hotels that offer a good breakfast buffet, great for stocking up on little snacks for during the day too! Good hotels should be able to help you with things like bottle washing through guest services, too.

Baby emergencies in Dubai

Should the worst happen and you have a medical emergency in Dubai, there are several hospitals with pediatric specialist units:

  • Al Jalila Children’s Speciality Hospital
  • Medcare Women & Children’s Hospital
  • Zulekha Hospital (Sharjah – closer to Deira/Old Dubai)

During the day, there are numerous family clinics for minor ailments. There’s no problem using these clinics as a paying walk-in customer, then claiming this back on your insurance (Do have travel medical insurance anywhere you travel with a baby!!) Ring your insurer first to see if they have any preferred providers.

The Emergency services numbers for Dubai are:

  • Police 999
  • Ambulance 998
  • Fire 997
  • Civil Defence 996
  • Coast guard 911

More Frequently Asked Questions About Dubai with a Baby

Is Dubai a good holiday with a baby?

We’d argue absolutely yes! Particularly if you’re looking for a beachy break in the sun. You’ll need to be mindful of the heat, though, any time of year.

Do you need a car seat in Dubai?

Absolutely yes. We recommend bringing your own, but if unable, do make sure when using any road vehicles you hire a car seat or use a driving service or taxi booking such as Hala Junior (on the Careem app) that offers car seats. Holding your baby on your lap is very unsafe in Dubai traffic and also illegal.

Do I need to bring my child’s birth certificate to visit Dubai?

No this should not be required. Even if your surname is different from your baby it’s very unlikely you’ll be challenged at passport control.

If you have any more questions about visiting Dubai with a baby, pop over to the  Facebook Community Family Travel in the Middle East.  We co-administer this helpful group filled with local mums/moms who can offer you family advice. All our writing team are parents who’ve raised their families in the UAE.

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