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Sunshine month! Best of Dubai in April

by Dubai Travel Planner

Everything you need to know about visiting Dubai in April

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April is what we like to call Dubai’s golden month! Whilst Dubai does not have traditional seasons per se, it’s most definitely the city’s transitional month.

The mild days of winter are rapidly replaced by long hot sunny days, though still not quite the blistering heat of summer, making it perfect for those who love the warmth on their skin along with beach and water-based activities.

Do note that much of the month of April in 2024 will coincide with the Holy Month of Ramadan. This will result in changing opening hours and religious practices, we’ll detail more below.

Dubai Weather in April

There can be a rapid increase in daytime maximum temperatures from late March through to late April. At the start of the month, Dubai normally experiences daytime highs around 30°C/86°F and by the end of April 35°C/95°F with an average of 33.3°C/92°F.

Be prepared for a few scorching hot days thrown in too, with only a low probability of rain and a possibility of sand storms and dusty days.

The sea temperature takes a little longer to reach summertime peaks. You can expect a mild average of 25°C/77°F in the water in April – but reaching 28°C/72°F by month-end – most find this perfect for swimming!

The UV Index in Dubai in April is 8 and you get on average 11 hours of sunshine – take care out in the sun and remember to pack plenty of sunscreen along with a hat, sunglasses, and water bottle anywhere you go during the day to beat the heat.

You can read our complete guide to Dubai Weather in April here, as well as our suggested ideas of what to pack for Dubai in April.

Dubai Special Events April 2023

We will update this guide in early 2023 – the events and information below should be used only as a guide of what to expect in April.

With Eid celebrations falling in late April 2023, this list will become much more extensive – you can expect it to be one of the busiest times in Dubai from approximately 21 to 30 April 2023 – BOOK EARLY!!

  • The Holy Month of Ramadan – the 9th month on the Hijri calendar will start on approximately 22 March 2023 and last until 21 April 2023 (subject to moon sightings) – you can see our complete Ramadan guide here.
  • Dubai Global Village – After the huge success of Expo 2020 Dubai, we’re not saying goodbye to this seasonal favourite just yet! In a surprise move, it’s been announced that Dubai Global Village will keep its gates open throughout Ramadan and Eid, staying open in the evenings through to 7 May 2022. 2023 Dates TBC

Most major international events and concerts are put on hold during the Holy Month.

Is it OK to visit Dubai in July?

Ongoing shows such as La Perle will still take place during Ramadan but you’ll find the entertainment portion of many popular attractions are altered for Ramadan.

What is there to do in Dubai in April 2023?

April is undoubtedly one of Dubai’s busiest tourism months due to its perfect beach weather and coinciding with school holidays for many countries.

It’s one of those months in Dubai we strongly suggest having your tickets for any top attractions booked well in advance (also in December and March), but build yourself in some downtime to relax and enjoy the sunshine.

Try and do your outdoor activities early morning or late in the day, the middle of the day in April can be too intense for being outside for many people – unless you’re in the pool!

Unsure how to fill your days? Pop over to our collection of Dubai itineraries – from stopovers to 7 days we have an itinerary to suit you

For those wanting to make the most of the April sunshine, why not try getting out onto the water for a unique view of the city. There are many choices available from sunset cruises to a breakfast buffet as you cruise around the Dubai Marina and the luxurious new Bluewaters Island development as well as the iconic Palm Jumeirah.

And of course, enjoy the best of Dubai’s beaches, whether you are staying at a beach resort, enjoying a beach club day or visiting one of the many free public beaches in Dubai these really are the highlight of Dubai in April.

You’ll be able to catch the last of the alfresco dining season in Dubai and finish your day at one of the city’s stunning rooftop bars or perfect beachside sundowner locations.

You can still try a Dubai desert safari in April, though it’s recommended you either join a very early morning desert tour or wait until late evening to miss the peak heat of the day. Some camps may close up over Ramadan or at least offer a quite restricted program as there’s no entertainment permitted, such as dancing.

Ramadan in Dubai during April 2022

The occurrence of Ramadan during the busy tourism month has certainly raised questions in recent years for the hospitality industry in Dubai.

In the past, many businesses have significantly altered their hours over Ramadan, and restaurants closed to all but a few during the day under licensing laws.

Over the past few years, however, this landscape has significantly changed. The message is very much “business as usual” for tourism during Ramadan in Dubai, but there are a number of courtesy points you should bear in mind – we cover these in much more detail here.

To have a great Ramadan experience in April, why not try these activities:

  • Visit the Sheikh Mohammed Centre for Cultural Understanding – this amazing foundation has grown in leaps and bounds in recent years as tourists seek to learn more about the Emirati and Islamic culture during their visit. Look out for daily walking tours, cultural meals and many additional programs throughout the year.
  • Ramadan Iftar Program – run by SMCUU experience a traditional iftar (“breaking of the fast”) in Al Fahidi Historical District during the Holy Month
  • Attend a Jumeirah Mosque visit – one of only two mosques in Dubai open to non-Muslim tourists – 10:00 am & 2:00 pm (Sat-Thu) – altered program during the Holy Month.
  • See the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque in Abu Dhabi – a day trip to the capital is a must to experience one of the world’s most beautiful mosques {The border crossing point between Dubai and Abu Dhabi has been removed, but do note, visitors to Abu Dhabi need the “Al Hosn Green Pass” – proof you’ve been vaccinated against COVID-19 or a recent PCR test}
  • See the Firing of the Cannon at Burj Park – a small hidden park near the Dubai Mall is home to the nightly firing of the cannon, which signifies the end of the daily fast, a wonderful tradition still practised across the UAE nightly during Ramadan.
  • Experience late-night dining and try a traditional Ramadan suhoor in Dubai, ambient settings and delectable treats to enjoy throughout the Holy Month.
Do's and Don'ts in Dubai Every Tourist Should Know
The firing of the Iftar cannon at Burj Park marks the start of Iftar every night during Ramadan

Dubai with the kids in April 2023

  • As it’s glorious beach weather still, why not try Splash ‘n’ Party on Kite Beach, or a new branch has opened in JBR. This giant inflatable water playground adds a fun new touch to one of Dubai’s favourite beaches for local residents. A 50AED ticket lasts the kids all day, plenty of fun in the sun.
Splash n Party Kite Beach
  • When it’s too hot to be out, Dubai Mall offers a huge range of activities for an indoor retreat, try anything from ice skating to visiting the aquarium or get lost for hours in Kidzania or the VR Park for your older kids.

The first week of April will coincide with local school holidays, so you are likely to find a huge range of family-friendly events all over the city.

Frequently asked questions about Dubai in April

What season is April in Dubai?

Sitting in the Northern Hemisphere, Dubai is 2,810km north of the equator. It experiences an arid desert climate which means hot summers and mild winters. April is technically ‘spring’ though not your typical spring weather. It is better classified as a transition month to summer.

Is April a good time to visit Dubai?

You will likely experience near-perfect weather in Dubai during April if you love your long hot sunshine days. Sea temperatures might be surprisingly cool still at the start of the month, but you are really entering the Middle East summer by the end of April.

Although Ramadan falls over most of April this year, it should have only a minor impact on tourism, such as opening hours, as laws have been changed in recent years. There are still rules and laws that tourists must respect during Ramadan in April, but it certainly wouldn’t be a reason not to visit at this time of year.

How to get from Dubai Airport to Dubai Mall
Does it rain in Dubai in April?

Rainfall in Dubai in April is highly unlikely but can happen. On average, only 3mm of rain falls in April. This winter and spring have been particularly dry. However, there’s always a chance of a late-season rainshower or storm (we wouldn’t go packing an umbrella just in case).

If it does rain in Dubai, stick where you are for a while as it can cause chaos on the roads, but normally passes as quickly as it arrives.

How hot is Dubai in April?

At the start of the month, Dubai normally experiences daytime highs around 30°C/86°F and by the end of April 35°C/95°F with an average of 33.3°C/92°F. You can get some exceptionally hot days thrown in there too!

Can you go desert camping in Dubai in April?

Although the overnights are getting warm, yes it’s still possible to enjoy a pleasant evening out in the desert in April. By month-end and into May, it can be getting a bit warm for these sorts of outdoor experiences if you’re not comfortable with the heat and no air conditioning.

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