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Spectacular Dubai Views from the Dubai Frame

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One of the city’s newer landmarks, and definitely one of the most fun for families to explore, welcome to the Dubai Frame.

The Dubai Frame is an iconic architectural landmark, as well as an observation deck.

Can you go up the Dubai Frame?

Yes, far more than just a novelty attraction, the Dubai Frame is purposefully built to be visited and enjoy spectacular city views.

Whilst it cannot possibly rival the Burj Khalifa in height, it does provide some pretty spectacular city views. A visit to the Dubai Frame is designed to take you from Dubai’s past, to the present and into the future.

The structure is literally a giant gold frame. From ground level, you look through the void from one side of the city to the other. To the northeast lies “Old Dubai”, the Dubai Creek & Deira and beyond to the Emirate of Sharjah. To the southwest, the modern skyscrapers of Downtown Dubai.

Old Dubai as viewed from the Dubai Frame
East to Old Dubai
Modern Dubai view to the west from Dubai Frame
West to modern Downtown Dubai

How to experience the Dubai Frame

Your journey starts with admiring the Frame from underneath (wide angle lense essential if you want to fit it all in your camera frame! ). Tickets are issues in half hour slots and you may enter any time during that half hour.

They will only allow 200 guests at a time maximum on the bridge of the frame, so you may have a short wait outside even if you arrive during your slot.

Entrance walk way to Dubai Frame

While you await your turn, there is a fountain show entertaining visitors, set beautifully to Arabian music. (In our experience this line has moved fast but friends have visited at peak times and reported lining up).

After a quick security search, you ascend some escalators to the mezzanine floor and start your frame journey. First, you are transported through the Old Dubai Gallery. 3D projections and special effects are used to help assimilate the sights and smells of a bygone era. They are more to set the scene rather than an in-depth history (you are better visiting the Dubai Museum for this).

Old Dubai Gallery as you enter the Dubai Frame

Your journey then takes you up the glass elevator 48 floors above Zabeel Park. The bridge or sky deck is made of both concrete and solid glass panels, allowing you to walk along the glass and see everything beneath the frame.

Glass floor of the Dubai Frame to Zabeel Park below

There are interactive displays, souvenir purchasing opportunities and a coffee shop to enjoy at spectacular heights, as well as the views to admire of course. Buildings and landmarks are signposted.

Inside the bridge of Dubai Frame

Your journey does not end at the bridge. After completing the descent down the opposite side of the Frame, you are then taken to the Dubai Future Gallery, an interactive display of Dubai 50 years into the future that lasts around 15 minutes.

The Dubai Frame certainly offers you one of the more unique views of Dubai and is a fabulous educational experience.

How to get to Dubai Frame

The Dubai Frame can be found at Gate 4 Zabeel Park.  Without your own transport, it can, unfortunately, be a little tricky to get to the Dubai Frame.

The complicated looping freeways that surround the park can cause a headache for taxis, and the multiple park entrances within Zabeel Park cause confusion. 

We recommend getting a pre-booked Uber of Careeem (you can also prebook a Hala Taxi using the Careem App) that can drop you at the entrance gate, or attend as part of a guided city tour.

The closest Dubai Metro station is Al Jafiliya. Do note there is no direct access to the Dubai Frame from here, it’s approximately a 25-minute walk around the outside of the park to get in.

How much is the Dubai Frame?

  • Adults 50 AED
  • 3 to 12 years old 20 AED
  • Infants under 3 years old FREE
  • People of determination and 2 companions FREE

It is best to purchase your tickets for the Dubai Frame in advance.  You can purchase tickets from online retailers such as Get Your Guide.

The Dubai Frame is also available on the Dubai Pass.

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What is the best time to visit the Dubai Frame?

The Dubai Frame is open daily 9:00 am to 9:00 pm.

The Dubai Frame is stunning at sunset, but also the busiest.  If you like to visit without crowds, mornings are always best as its a very late to start city. But there is certainly something magical about seeing day turn into night over the city.

Interesting facts about the Dubai frame*

  • It is officially the largest frame in the world
  • The frame is 150m high and 93m wide
  • The building involved over 9,900 cubic metres of reinforced concrete and 2,900 square metres of reinforced glass
  • The exterior is made of 15,000 square metres of gold-coloured stainless steel
  • The journey 48 floors to the bridge takes 75 seconds
View from inside the bridge of the Dubai Frame

Frequently asked questions about the Dubai Frame

Should I visit the Dubai Frame with a fear of heights?

It is not the best location for acrophobia. If you don’t like heights, the top of the frame is nearly all glass, it’s hard to avoid the windows or the glass floor.

Is it worth climbing the Dubai Frame in bad weather?

Dubai infrequently has storms bad enough that your visibility is impaired, but if it is visibly stormy, then yes we’d reconsider visiting that day.   You may also experience fog, particularly in Dubai’s winter months.  Whilst the Burj Khalifa can still offer some spectacular views sitting, in fact, above the cloud levels, fog at the Dubai Frame will block out your view and is not recommended.

You can learn more about unusual weather patterns for Dubai here.

Is there food available at the Dubai Frame?

There is a small cafe on the bridge, as well as a small cafe outside of the Dubai Frame but inside the entry gate.Food available outside the Dubai Frame

Can I take a stroller into the Dubai Frame?

Strollers and any large luggage need to be left at the security gate. You will be security screened on entrance to the Dubai Frame.

How tall is the Dubai Frame?

Standing 150m tall, the Dubai Frame bridge is 48 floors above ground level.

How long does a visit to the Dubai Frame take?

You should allow at least one hour to visit the Dubai Frame, longer in peak times depending on queues.

Stay near the Dubai Frame

There are plenty of Hotel & VRBO options to stay at near the Dubai Frame, many offering superb views of this iconic structure.

Have you visited the Dubai Frame? We’d love to hear your visitor tips and experiences in the comments below

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