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Will I Need a Baby Stroller in Dubai?

by Dubai Travel Planner

A great family question we frequently receive is whether to bring your baby stroller on a Dubai vacation.

Strollers are a personal preference for many families; whilst many are happy to use a baby carrier or sling for their little one whilst travelling, there are many occasions a baby stroller may be preferred – and in a hot climate like Dubai you’ll soon see why.

Having raised our own three children in the UAE and having transited through DXB Airport on innumerable occasions – we’re here to share with you everything you need to know about strollers in Dubai.

Should I bring my own stroller to Dubai, or can I rent one?

There’s a good argument to bring your own stroller to Dubai. Not only is it more convenient, but there’s more surety about the quality and condition of your stroller, and you know your baby or toddler is happier in a familiar environment.

Stroller Rental in Dubai

If you want to travel light and don’t want to bring bulky baby gear with you, there are baby rental options in Dubai. Not only strollers but you can rent car seats (essential in Dubai traffic), high chairs and baby cots.

A lot of these items can be provided by hotels and serviced apartments so do check in advance before booking with a third-party rental company.

We have not personally tested all of these services but can recommend you try these stroller rental options in Dubai:

  • The Stroller Spa – rentals delivered to your door between 9:00 AM to 9:00 PM – open 7 days.
  • Skytots – operates 7 days throughout the UAE
  • – rental market from private individuals

The larger shopping malls in Dubai also offer complementary stroller rentals, subject to availability.

Stroller purchase in Dubai

There are many reputable baby supply stores you can purchase a stroller from in Dubai. You could pre-order a new stroller to be delivered to your hotel or accommodation, or you will find these brands at all major malls in the UAE.

Baby supplies are no cheaper in Dubai than elsewhere in the world (unless you happen to pick up a bargain during the shopping sales), but you’ll certainly find a wide range of internationally reputable brands. Dubai Mall has one of the most extensive selections of baby goods stores in one spot.

baby in a stroller at the beach

Best types of baby strollers for Dubai

If you are transiting through airports, jumping in taxi’s or using public transport in Dubai, you will see how vital it is to have an easy-to-fold and construct stroller.

A two-piece car seat and base system may work best if you are planning on using cars a lot to get around in Dubai (the Doona infant car seat is a top choice for young infants).

If you’re just looking for something to get you to and from the airport and the occasional walk, lightweight and foldable strollers are the way to go – brands such as the Babyzen Yoyo or Mountain Buggy Nano are always a winner.

A quick note on car seats in Dubai

  • The other option is to use a pre-booked car service such as Careem Kids, which comes equipped with Cybex Sirona car seats (but only one per car).
  • The Stroller Spa also offers driver services with up to 4 fitted car seats to help with airport pick-ups and even day tours with clean and safe car seats ready-fitted.
  • If you are renting a car, all major car rental companies operating from DXB will have car seats available to add on to your hire at an additional charge. Compare car hire costs in Dubai here.

More frequently asked questions about strollers in Dubai

We know what a big decision it can be deciding whether to bring bulky gear with you, such as baby strollers, so we hope these FAQs will help answer your queries:

Are there strollers at Dubai Airport?

Yes, DXB airport is supplied with a fleet of Maclaren strollers ready for use by customers transiting through. It’s a first-come, first-served basis, and although there are racks at the end of every gate, there’s no guarantee you will get one straight away. They cannot be reserved in any way, so you may need to keep walking until you find a well-stocked rack.

Should I take a stroller into the desert?

If you are undertaking a desert tour you will not need a baby stroller. You are best taking your baby in a sling or carrier – noting that some desert safaris are not suitable for children under 6 years of age.

Will I need a stroller in Dubai if I’m just staying at the beach?

This will depend on how small your child is and whether they need their stroller to nap when out and about. A lot of beach resorts in Dubai are large, so you may prefer having a stroller to get around, especially if your baby is happy to nap by the pool/beach.

If you are visiting any of Dubai’s public beaches, you will find there are good boardwalks and pathways for strolling, but once you hit the sand you’ll need to carry your stroller.

Can I take my stroller to Old Dubai?

A few years ago we may have said no, but facilities for strollers and the disabled have vastly improved with sloped curbs and wider footpaths.

There are still many parts of Dubai where curbs are high, and footpaths are disrupted with signs and poles making pushing a stroller challenging, but for the most part, where tourists will venture into Dubai you’ll find smooth and safe surfaces for a stroller.

Can I take a stroller on the Metro?

Entry to all Metro stations in Dubai is step free. It may be difficult to fit your stroller on the Metro at peak times so an easy fold travel stroller is recommended and avoid morning and evening rush hours.

The second to front carriage on Dubai Metro trains is dedicated to women & children, this is the best spot you should look to board with a baby.

Would a double stroller be appropriate in Dubai?

Absolutely. Almost anywhere you’d want to take a stroller is wide enough to handle a double stroller too. The only exception we might make is tackling some older areas around Deira and Bur Dubai. Modern shopping malls, restaurants and entertainment areas would be well-equipped for a double. For years our top choice was a City Mini Double by Baby Jogger.

Can I get a baby stroller at Dubai Mall?

A popular short stopover point is Dubai Mall, which offers a complimentary baby stroller service. Please see guest services; this is subject to availability and cannot be pre-booked.

If you’re still unsure about taking your stroller to Dubai, do drop us a message in the comments and we’ll do our best to help with your Dubai stroller questions.

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