Dubai Quranic Park Glass House at sunset

Experience the Beautiful Quranic Park Dubai

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Immerse yourself in Dubai’s Islamic heritage and enhance your awareness of the Islamic values of peace, love and tolerance, by making your way to this one-of-a-kind park.

Quranic Park is a new cultural attraction that offers visitors – Muslim and non-Muslims – the chance to learn more about the plants and miracles mentioned in the Holy Book, ‘Quran‘ through interactive attractions.

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What is the Quranic Park?

Spanning over 60-hectares, the different sections at the Quranic Park are inspired by the plants and miracles mentioned in the Holy Quran.

The two main attractions at this park are, ‘Glass House’, a temperature-controlled greenhouse for plants and ‘Cave of Miracles’, a man-made cave illustrating some important stories from the Quran.

You will also find here 12 orchids displaying the different plant species mentioned in the Quran, such as figs and black seed.

Inside the Quran Park Dubai

The park offers visitors a beautiful and intelligent insight into the teachings of the Quran while being a fun place to visit as a family. You will find here lawns of green grass, flourishing flowers, and rows of date palm trees.

You will be able to spot golden trees leading up to the ‘Glass house’, which are solar paneled ‘trees’ providing shade, a place to rest and the opportunity to charge your phone.

The lake you find here is a visual representation of a story mentioned in the Quran. A walkway goes along the centre of the lake depicting the splitting of the sea, a story from the time of Prophet Musa/Moses. The other two attractions and the most frequently visited at the Quran Park are the ‘Cave of Miracles’ and ‘Glass House’.

Cave of Miracles

This man-made cave is the first attraction you will come across when entering the Quran Park. Using clever lighting and interactive displays, the cave teaches you about the seven miracles mentioned in the Quran.

As you enter the cave, you are welcomed with an introductory video clip of the Quran. This is then followed by video displays in different sections of the caves, mentioning the different miracles revolving around the Prophets mentioned in the Quran.

The audio that accompanies the video is currently in Arabic and there are no English subtitles, however, English commentary will be made available soon.

Glass House

This large greenhouse made of glass panels replicates a cool-dry Meditteranean climate to be able to grow the 29 different plants and trees that are mentioned in the Quran and the ‘Sunnah’ (the way of the Prophet).

Once inside, you will find yourself surrounded by plants that are not usually found growing here, such as corn, olive trees, basil, barley, pomegranates, banana, wheat and much more. You don’t need to be an eager botanist to find yourself marveling at the beauty of these plants.

With clear signboards for each species of plant and tree, you can learn more about the health benefits they provide and where they have been mentioned in the Quran. It is difficult not to feel a sense of calmness and wonderment when strolling through this temperature-controlled greenhouse. Many plants that would otherwise not grow outside their natural habitat can now be seen blooming almost all year round in this desert city.

You must not give up on the opportunity to stroll up towards the observation deck. The place gives excellent views of the Glass House and is the perfect spot to capture some memorable photographs.

Dubai Quranic Park Glass House at sunset
The beautiful Glasshouse inside the Quranic Park Dubai

Facilities at Quranic Park Dubai

At the Quranic Park, you will find clean toilets, food kiosks, a cafe, a small playground and prayer rooms. Around the permitor of the park is a soft jogging track.

Entrance fees Quranic Park

  • Adults and children are allowed to enter the Quran Park for free.

However, there is a minimal fee of AED 5 per person, to be paid at each of the attraction sections, ‘Glass house’ and ‘Cave of Miracles’ should you wish to enter.

You can make the payment using the RTA issued Nol cards. A Nol card top-up machine is available close to ‘Cave of Miracles’ should you wish to fill your card with credit.

When is Quranic park open?

  • Saturday to Thursday: from 8:00 am to 10:00 pm
  • Fridays: from 3:00 pm to 10:00 pm

However, the timings for the ‘Glass House’ and ‘Cave of Miracles’ attraction sections are:

  • Saturday to Thursday: 9:00 am to 9:00 pm
  • Fridays: 3:00 pm to 9:00 pm

The park timings may vary during Ramadan.

Dress code for Quranic Park

Ladies, in particular, should note that the dress code here is more strict than in other parks and public spaces in Dubai due to the religious nature of the park. Ladies require ankle-length trousers or skirts. Entry will be denied by security if you are in shorts or short skirts.

You can learn more about dress code in Dubai here

Quran Park Dubai Location: How to get there

The Quran Park is a 20-minute drive from Dubai Downtown. It is located on Zayed Bin Hamdan Street, in the Al Khawaneej district. It is very close to the Last Exit Al Khawaneej by Meeras, a popular nearby attraction.

If you’re travelling by car, you can access the park via Al Khawaneej Road (D89). From the roundabout, exit onto Sheikh Zayed Bin Hamdan Al Nahyan Street (D54), where the Quranic Park Dubai is located. You will find plenty of parking available outside the Quran park. 

If you’re looking to travel by Metro, the nearest Metro station to the Quranic Park Dubai is the Rashidiya Station. From there you will have to take a taxi and make a 10-minute drive to reach the park.

If you are looking to take the RTA bus, the buses 11A and 11B stop near Quran Park.

Where can I stay near Quranic Park?

The most convenient location to stay nearby is in one of the hotels that surround Dubai International Airport giving you many options from budget all the way through to luxury resorts – you can find our full guide to DXB airports here.

For other nearby accommodation options on this side of town, check out Airbnb as well as hotel options here:

Nearby attractions to the Quranic Park:

You can easily spend a few hours in the Quranic Park, or make a complete day outing by visiting one of these nearby popular Dubai attractions.

Last Exit – The Yard by Meeras

A farm-inspired suburban food truck and recreational destination for the whole family. The two things you simply must not forget to bring with you here are your camera and taste buds.

The playful murals, farm-inspired installations and eccentric themes provide the perfect shots for Instagram. One of the iconic features you will find here are the two pedestrian bridges across the man-made lakes filled with engraved padlocks that visitors leave behind, symbolising their everlasting love.

The Last Exit food trucks and the indoor restaurants serve a variety of cuisines, ranging from Local Emirati cuisine to sushi and mini donuts.

As if that’s not enough, Al Khawaneej Walk is an indoor mall, designed to look like a greenhouse. You will find here a supermarket, a cinema and lots of shopping options.

Dubai Travel Planner - Al Khawaneej
Beautiful at night, Al Khawaneej Walk is the perfect stop after you visit the Quranic Park. Image supplied

Mushrif Park

One of the oldest public parks in Dubai, spanning an impressive 320 hectares of green lawns and natural forests. With so much to discover at the park, you’ll want to come early. There are park benches and designated barbecue areas for a family picnic feast.

Get your walking shoes on, as you explore the international village, a section of the park where mini replicas of traditional houses from around the world are waiting for you. If you’ve got children with a soft spot for horses, the equestrian centre is a wonderful place for enjoying horse riding.

There is the Aventura Park for the more adventurous too. It comes complete with exhilarating circuits of different levels as you find yourself swinging and zip-lining to the finish line.

There is also a kids’ play area, swimming pool, sports courts and food kiosks all to be found within Mushrif Park.

Other things to know before visiting Quranic Park

How can I contact Quranic Park management?

Quranic Park is managed by Dubai Municipality. You can stay up to date with information on park timings and events by either calling the Dubai Municipality at 800900 or the Quranic Park at 050-296-6012. Learn more here

Can I take a dog to Quaranic Park?

No, there’s a strictly no pets rule in Dubai parks run by Dubai Municipality.

Can I visit the Quranic Park as a non-Muslim?

Absolutely, the Quranic Park is open to all and a wonderful educational experience whether you are familier with the Quran or not. It’s only asked that you behave and dress in a manner befitting of a wonderful religious experience with families present.

Do I have to book in advance for Quranic Park?

No advance booking is needed for the Quranic Park, you can turn up and use the park for free, or pay to use the individual attractions. Due to COVID-19 safety measures numbers are restricted into each attraction at any given time so you may have a short wait should the park be busy.

What restaurants are near Quranic Park?

There are only snack options within the park, One Coffee House offers refreshments, small bites and desserts. Outside of the park, you are nearby to The Last Exit and Al Khawaneej Walk which will provide you with more dining options. Alternatively, picnics are allowed in the park.

Is Quranic Park free?

To simply walk in the Quranic Park is free for adults and children, however, there is a cover charge to visit the parks two main attractions, The Cave of Miracles and Glass House.

How do I get to Quranic park by Metro

There is no Metro station immediately connected to the park. Your two public transport options are to take Bus 11A and 11B which stop nearby, or the Metro to Rashidiya Station or Etisalat Station, but expect a further 10-minute taxi journey from there.

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