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Swing your way through Aventura Park Dubai

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Aventura Parks is an outdoor adventure playground found in the Ghaf forest of Dubai’s Mushrif Park. Offering various physical challenges, you make your way through this nature playground by zip line, suspended rope bridges and climbing walls – appropriate for 6 years olds through to adults.

This is a hands-on and active experience and one of our favourite hidden gems in Dubai. It is particularly great for families with adventure-seeking kids and teens looking for unique ways to explore Dubai away from the usual soft plays and indoor centres.

It’s open to all ages (though some height restrictions apply) to enjoy nature trails through to thrilling adventures – you’ll be hard-pressed to find anything else quite like this in the Middle East!

Aventura Parks Cost

Ticket prices are varied for adults and children, and whether you want to complete just one experience in 90-minutes, or take on as many as you can in a General Admission 3-hour time slot (we describe each of the courses in more detail below)

  • Aventura Package 1.15m to 1.39m: 164 AED
  • Aventura Package over 1.4m tall: 199 AED
  • Premium Package 1.15m to 1.39m: 194 AED
  • Premium Package over 1.4m tall: 229 AED
  • One Circuit Experience: 95 AED
  • Nature Trail: 45 AED
  • Mini kids: 65 AED
  • Visitor Only: 10 AED

Challenges – One Off Experiences

Pay as you go for some of the parks most popular features without completing entire courses:

  • Individual Challenges 75 AED
  • All 3 activities for 150 AED
  • Jacobs Ladder pair activity 150 AED

You can purchase your tickets at the gate or recommend online in advance to guarantee your spot.

Mushrif Park Entry Fee (additional)

Do note, Aventura Parks sits inside Mushrif Park which is subject to a Dubai Parks municipality charge.

  • You will need to pay in addition to the Aventura Parks entry fee of 10 AED per car or 3 AED per person if you are being dropped off by taxi. 
  • This is charged to an NOL Card (if you haven’t otherwise purchased an RTA NOL card for using public transport, there’s a first-time charge for your NOL card of 25 AED – with 19 AED e-purse credit)

Aventura Parks Opening Hours

Winter opening hours

  • Sunday to Thursday: 9:00 AM – 9:00 PM
  • Friday & Saturday: 9:00 AM – 10:00 PM

Ramadan & Summer opening hours

  • Sunday to Saturday: 5:00 PM – 12:00 AM

The floodlit course makes it an ideal evening activity to enjoy even in Dubai’s hottest months.

NB – entrance closes 2 hours before closing time to allow participants enough time to complete the course.

Do allow yourself enough time from entering Mushrif Park to get into Aventura Park – say 20-30 minutes before your allotted time to park, confirm ticketing and take bathroom breaks. The first 30 minutes of your allotted session is used for harnessing up and a safety briefing before you hit the ropes for the next 2.5 hours.

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Where to find Aventura Parks

As mentioned, Aventura Parks is located inside Mushrif Park, Gate 1. It sits south of Mirdiff City Centre and the Dubai International Airport. You will easily find Aventura Parks on Google map and signposted within the park.

You can find a complete guide of other things to see and do whilst you are in Mushrif Park here

There are no accommodation options immediately within Mushrif Park but if you wish to stay on this side of town you’ll find some very reasonably priced accommodation options here:

What to expect at Aventura Park Dubai

There are five different courses to try at Aventura, split out by age groups and skill levels, as well as individual one-off challenges to complete and a nature trail and mini kids section for those under the age/height limit.

Your Aventura experience starts with being strapped into a safety harness then attending a 30-minute safety briefing and training session where you will have all your fancy climbing equipment explained to you and try out your gear on a small low ropes course.

Each course will take you approximately 30 minutes to complete – give or take fitness levels and if you get stuck behind a slower going group.

Aventura Parks Dubai - obstacle course in Mushrif Park Dubai

The main obstacle courses at Aventura explained

When you enter the park you would have been issued with a coloured wrist band, this dictates which courses you can do:

  • Green – Rangers
  • Blue – Rangers & Explorador
  • Red – Rangers, Explorador, Aventura & Thriller
  • Black – Explorador, Aventura, Thriller & Extreme

Rangers – Min. 1.15m | 19 challenges | 1.5m to 2m Circuit Height

These are great beginner courses that can be tackled by all the family when you’re just getting started out. Children need to be able to independently handle their equipment then climb, crawl and zipline around the obstacles.

Explorador – Min 1.25m | 17 challenges | 2m to 4m Circuit Height

A medium difficulty circuit for parents and children to tackle together – or more confident children can tackle alone. There’s a variety of suspended bridges and zip lines to try.

Aventura – Min 1.4m | 15 challenges | 2m to 8m Circuit Height

The challenges increase in difficulty and include rope wall climbs and suspended aerial bridges without hand support. This is much more challenging than Explorador – beginners should look to tackle this first to get their confidence and skills up. You will be up to 8m off the ground.

Thriller – Min 1.4m | 15 challenges | 5m to 10m Circuit Height

If ziplining is your thing, this is the one for you! Soar over the treetops of Mushrif Park as you take on 15 ziplines, including the longest in the park at 160m. This one is less physically challenging than Extreme but it more than makes up for it in thrills.

Extreme – Min 1.6m/16-years-old | 16 challenges | 3.5m to 9m Circuit Height

The most challenging at Aventura Park, the black Extreme course includes a 25-metre Tarzan jump, suspended aerial bridges without side support and zip lines. This one is only for your adventure junkies as it’s very high off the ground (5m to 9m) and is super challenging, therefore a 1.6-metre limit applies and only those over 16 years of age. {NB Extreme isn’t available on One Circuit Experiences}

Aventura Parks Dubai - obstacle course in Mushrif Park Dubai
The ‘Extreme’ course is only available to kids 16-years+ and adults

Mini Kids

If your kids are under 1.15m and 6 years old then they can still attend the Mini Kids section (over 1.05m they can partake in activities independently). The area is supervised and kids will undertake a range of craft activities as well as a mini obstacle course and zip line swing. Kids are also offered a 20-minute nature walk.


New this year, the bucket list challenges are separate to the obstacle course. You can pay to complete either as a single activity or take on a package of 3!

  • Leap of Faith – climb a 5m pole, balance on top then jump to hit a ball! (Minimum age 12, a minimum height of 1.4m)
  • Cat Walk – balance and faith needed to make your way over this balance beam – blindfolded! (Minimum age 12, a minimum height of 1.4m)
  • Himalaya – 12m climbing wall for birds-eye views over the park (Minimum age 12, a minimum height of 1.4m)
  • Jacobs Ladder – work in a team of 2 to make your way up as increasing rungs get wider! (Minimum age 12, a minimum height of 1.4m)
Aventura Leap of Faith
Ready for the Challenge? Aventura Leap of Faith (supplied)

Chris Cafe – Refreshments at Aventura Parks

Timing your trip to start or finish at Chris Cafe is a great idea. A small but chic cafe with a grat selection of ready to grab healthy bites and salads, as well as a cook-to-order menu.

More frequently asked questions about Aventura Park

What should I wear to Aventura Dubai?

It’s sensible to dress in closed-toed shoes with good grip and in activewear ready for strenuous physical activity – preferably knees covered as there’s a bit of scrambling involved.

Ladies or those with long hair are advised to bring a hair tie.

What do I need to bring with me to Aventura Parks?

All your safety and harness equipment is provided by Aventura Parks.

We’d strongly suggest bringing a large water bottle with you. There are refill stations of fresh water located around the course but no cups. You may also want to throw in a few energy bar/snacks in your pocket, 2.5 hours around the course can be hungry work!

There are lockers on-site to leave your valuables, you won’t have the option of carrying a bag around with you.

What if we have members of our group not participating?

Non-participants can join the nature trail, or they can wait for your while enjoying refreshments at Chris Cafe. Parents can supervise around the foot of the course should they wish for a park entry free 10 AED.

Are the courses fully supervised?

There are experienced staff on hand to help if you are stuck or in trouble, but they will not walk through the whole course with you. It’s expected after you complete the training you will be sent to the right course for your height/age group/experience level and complete the course independently.

They certainly give extra attention to the Rangers and beginners, but it is best for an adult to accompany younger children to help them through at ground level. If you are stuck you can shout HELP and staff will come and attend as soon as possible.

The Park meets EU safety regulations (EN15567) and all staff are first aid trained.

Can I bring my GoPro?

There’s no problem bringing a GoPro or action camera to record your adventure. You’re advised to bring a chest strap rather than anything you need to hold onto and it must not interfere with your safety harness. You can tag your pictures #aventuraparks #libredxb

How do I contact Aventura?

Got any more questions about the Aventura experience? Or maybe you want to make a group booking, they are experts in birthday parties through to team building events, all within current COVID-19 safety requirements – call +971 52 178 7616, Email: info@aventuraparks.com or learn more at aventuraparks.com

Images for this article provided with permission from Our Globetrotters – Adventurous Family Travel Blog

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