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Where to Hite a Jet Ski in Dubai in 2024

by Dubai Travel Planner

Are you an adventure seeker? The warm waters of Dubai are waiting for you.

Jet skiing in Dubai is one of the easiest and most adventurous water sports for beginners. Racing your bikes in fresh water under Dubai’s scorching sun is definitely something packed with intense adventure, with one of the most spectacular urban backdrops for a memorable experience.

This action-filled sports thrill level depends on several factors, including location, facilities, depth of water, and many more. The unpolluted and tidy beaches of Dubai are no doubt worth your visit if you are a jet skiing enthusiast.

Long story short, Dubai without Jet skiing and jet skiing without Dubai is incomplete.

Safety advice and jet ski rules in Dubai

Before we start discussing the incredible places for Jet skiing you must visit in Dubai, here’s what you need to know before jet skiing in Dubai.

Jet Ski Rental Rules in Dubai

  • You need to show your Emirates ID or international passport if you want Jet Ski in Dubai.
  • Age limit is 16+ years old; an adult should accompany any riders below age 18.

Jet Ski Riding Rules in Dubai

1. You should be fully equipped; that is, you must have first aid and safety gear, you should be wearing a life jacket, goggles, helmet, and should have a whistle.

2. Learn to use a lanyard before you start. (Lanyard helps stop Jet Ski engine instantly, avoiding accidents)

3. Your jet ski should be fully fueled before riding. Make sure to check that out. You are not allowed to refuel your jet ski during rides.

4. Stay at least 60m away from other jet ski riders and avoid throwing water on them.

5. Stay 300m away from the beach and swimmers.

6. Drive within the speed limit.

7.  Do not Jet ski near shallow water, vegetation, or wildlife. 

8. Check your surroundings before changing direction.

Amazing beaches for jet ski rental in Dubai

There are several beaches along the Gulf that permit the use of jet skis in regulated areas.

Al Mamzar Beach Park

Al Mamzar is known for family and friend get-togethers and it’s reasonably priced jet ski options. In addition to jet skiing there’s a huge range or water sports on offer as well as beautifully manicured gardens for picnicking and BBQ’s after your ride. This is out favourite all-rounder beach venue for jet ski in Dubai.

La Mer Beach

Are you a thrill-seeker looking for an awesome city backdrop? La Mer may be best for you. Water sports provider First Yacht operates here from North Island. There are also lots of retail stores and dining options here at this utterly insta-worthy location, a great place to come for a full day at the beach mixing adrenaline with retail therapy and relaxation!

Dubai Marina & JBR

Dubai Marina is one of the most convenient jet skiing rental locations in Dubai, sitting in the heart of the action you’ve got JBR The Beach to enjoy and some of the most picturesque locations in Dubai can be seen from the beach.

Umm Suqeim

Umm Suqeim is an ideal place for jet ski rental. Enjoy the stunning backdrop of the Burj Al Arab and access to a number of premier jet ski rental companies from Umm Suqeim Fishing Harbour marina.

Best companies for Jet Ski Rental in Dubai

So now we’ve covered where – perhaps most importantly WHO should you hire your jet ski from in Dubai, ensuring you’re in compliance with local rules and have access to the best machinery?

Best all-rounder: Nemo Watersports

Nemo watersports offer a jet ski package that sees half of your time on a flyboard and the other half out on jet skis so it’s a real adrenaline-junkie favourite. Jet Ski rental packages can go for a 30-minute ride, 60-minute ride, or 2-hour ride, on your own or as part of a guided tour group

Tip: If you are hiring jet skis for the first time, go for the 30-minute option. Jet skiing requires a lot of muscle power, and as a beginner, you are unlikely to be able to handle the jet ski for 2 hours.

Nemo watersports have won Tripadvisor certificate for three consecutive years; 2017, 2018, 2019, and hence is considered an extremely reputable Dubai operator. You’ll find them at Umm Suqeim Fishing Harbor marina, this is adjacent to Jumeirah Beach Hotel.

>> Book your ride with Nemo Watersports here

The Fastest: Sun and Fun Watersports

With 1800cc Jet Skis that can speed up to 100kmph, Sun and Fun have won the race game. If you want speed during jet skiing, we will recommend you to go for Sun and Fun.

Tip: Keep your speed slow to avoid accidents if you are not experienced.

Offering a 30-minute loop past the Burj Al Arab, or 60-minute and 2-hour tours that take in a complete lap around the Palm Jumeirah, you’ll also find SUn & Fun in the Umm Suqeim Fishing Harbor marina.

Provide quality: Popeye Jetski

Popeye jet ski has years of experience as a jet ski operator in Dubai, known for their quality and customer service. The current Jet skis they use are 1800cc/2019 model and they offer a wide range of additional water sports and add ons from their hiring location at Fishing Harbour 2, to the east of Kite Beach.

If you want to ride with an experienced company with a great reputation, book your ride here.

For all the family: Hydro Water Sports

Hydro Water Sports will let you enjoy the scenic beauty of Dubai along with jet skiing. Based from Dukes the Palm on Palm Jumeirah, your jet ski hire will allow you to take in Bluewaters as well as the highlights of Palm Jumeirah.

Hydro Water Sports also conduct free shows on beach and offer a huge range of water-based options from flyboard to the quirky Jetovator water bike bound to test your strength and skills. Banana boats, Pedalo boats and donut rides ensure this is the best sport for all the family to find something to suit their adrenaline level in one spot.

>> Book your ride with Hydro Water Sports here.

Most Scenic: Jet Ski Dubai Adventures

If you go for Jet Ski Dubai Adventures, you will have the choice of three hiring locations from Dubai Marina, JBR and Umm Sequim. Offering Yamaha and Kawasaki Jet Ski models with power between 160HP up to nearly 300HP for the action seeker you can choose the right jet ski for your skill level.

Tip: Want the most picturesque jet ski tour in Dubai? Try and nab the last rental of the day to catch sunset, it will also be a lot cooler than hiring in the peak of the day.

Tour destinations include a ride past the iconic Burj Al Arab, or a longer tour you can take in the complete Palm Jumeirah loop as far as Atlantis the Palm.

>> Wanna enjoy the scenery? Book your ride here.

More frequently asked questions about jet ski in Dubai

How much does it cost to jet ski in Dubai

This will vary a lot by the provider, the jet ski you are hiring and how long you are renting a jet ski for.

You can expect around 250 AED for an introductory 20-minute session, through to 750 AED + for 90-minute sessions.

Do shop around for last minute specials too, if a company is not fully booked they may offer you last-minute specials, though not a risk to take in peak tourism seasons in Dubai.

Where can I ride a jet ski in Dubai

There are several locations in Dubai where you can rent a jet ski as we’ve outlined above. Umm Suqeim Fishing Harbour has the best concentration of providers in one spot.

There are plenty of other hire locations along the Arabian Gulf coast, some are public beaches, others are within a hotel or resort complex but outside guests are still welcome to enter for the water sports only.

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