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Dubai Monorail: How To Use the Palm Monorail in Dubai

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Palm Jumeirah, an icon synonymous with Dubai, luxury living and the beach at your doorstep.

It has become a world-famous landmark since its construction in the mid-noughties. The vast man-made island covers more than 560 hectares (almost 600 football pitches) and is currently home to countless resorts and residences, such as the famous Burj al Arab at the very foot of the trunk and Atlantis The Palm at the top.

The sheer scale of the Palm may be surprising to some, one reason why public transport plays an important part in ensuring the attractions are accessible to residents and visitors alike. 

Is the Palm Connected to the Dubai Metro System?

While the Palm itself isn’t directly connected to the Dubai Metro Network, the Palm Monorail opened in 2009 and is the main public transport offering on the island.

Running from top to bottom of the trunk, the main artery of the Palm, it transports more than 1 million visitors every year. The Monorail offers a stress-free, scenic, eco-friendly tour of the Palm and its many landmarks.

Where does the Palm Monorail stop?

The Dubai Monorail has five stations:

  • Gateway Station
  • Al Ittihad Park
  • Nakheel Mall
  • The Pointe
  • Palm Monorail

Let’s take a journey along the key stopping points of the Palm Monorail

As you get on to the Palm, the first station is Gateway Station. You can leave your car here and get free parking for three hours if you are driving. If you are arriving via the wider Dubai transport network, it is a hop, skip and jump over the footbridge from the Palm Jumeirah Station on the Dubai tram network.

The Monorail takes you to Al Ittihad Park and the Golden Mile Galleria from the Gateway Station. Here, you can enjoy a picnic in the park with play areas for little ones and shop at the Golden Mile.

If you walk a little further afield, you get to Palm West Beach where you can eat, swim and sunbathe to your heart’s delight, whilst enjoying the view of Ain Dubai.

Palm West Beach media supplied
Palm West beach is accessible from the Al Ittihad stop of the Palm Monorail

The next stop is Nakheel Mall, which opened in 2019. Here, you will find something for everyone. You can take in a blockbuster at the cinema, eat at the expertly curated food hall, or shop till you drop at the large selection of retail outlets.

If you would like a slightly more “elevated” experience, there is direct access to The View at the Palm, located on the 52nd floor of the Palm Tower, offering unparalleled panoramic views of the Palm and the Arabian Gulf.

the View at The palm situated above Nakhell Mall Palm Jumeirah Dubai
The View at the Palm above Nakheel Mall is one of the city’s star new attractions, accessible from the Monorail

The last stop on the Palm Monorail is Aquaventure Waterpark and the iconic Atlantis The Palm resort. With over 105 rides and experiences, Aquaventure is the largest waterpark in the world.

In addition to the thrilling rides, you can also experience the magical world of the Lost Chambers Aquarium or meet dolphins and sea lions at the Atlantis Village. Want to stay longer,? Do book a room at the 5* Atlantis Resort.

As new attractions open and the Palm continues to develop, so does the Monorail.

The Pointe station will open later in 2022, allowing visitors to easily access the world’s largest fountain display with the stunning Atlantis Resort as the backdrop.

Palm Monorail Operating Hours

Trains run every 15 mins and offer a comfortable and stress-free way of taking in some of the highlights of Palm Jumeirah.

Trains start running at 9:00 AM, and the last train leaves Atlantis Station at 10:00 PM.

If you don’t hop off at any stops, the journey from Gateway Station to Atlantis only takes 9 minutes.

Palm Dubai Monorail Cost

Ticket prices start at 10 AED for a single, while a roundtrip goes up to 30 AED. There are also day passes for 35 AED (allowing you to jump on and off unlimited times in one day) and season passes valid for one month, allowing you six trips on the Monorail for 130AED.

Family Passes can also be purchased for 99 AED – this will give four members of the same family a round-trip Palm Gateway to Atlantis Aquaventure.

Children under 110cm may ride free of charge; older children pay the same price as an adult.

Please note, it was annoucned in October 2022 that Dubai Metro Nol cards, can now be used on the Palm Monorail.

Alternative Transport on the Palm

With tickets being 30 AED per person for the full roundtrip, it might be more cost-effective to take a taxi if travelling as a family or in a group. But do note that a family (up to 4 people) can get a Palm Monorail day pass for 99 AED, allowing multiple stops in one day.

As mentioned above, the Metro and Dubai Tram do not service the Palm.

RTA Hala taxis and Careem cars are available to be booked at your convenience via the Careem App.

If you would prefer to travel on the water, why not try a Water Taxi from one of the several stations on the Palm, including Atlantis The Palm?

Due to traffic and the many traffic lights on the Palm, the Monorail can be the quickest way up the Palm, but not necessarily the cheapest.

the Dubai Monorail approaching a station
The Dubai Monorail pulling into a station

More frequently asked questions about the Dubai Monorail

Does Dubai have a monorail?

Yes, Dubai has just one Monorail track that runs up and down the “trunk” of Palm Jumeirah, called the Palm Monorail.

Where does the Palm Monorail go to?

The Palm Monorail provides a transportation link between the artificial archipelago known as Palm Jumeirah to mainland Dubai.

Gateway Station helps passengers connect to buses, trains and trams, and then the Monorail has stops at important buildings and communities along the Palm, terminating at Aquaventure/Atlantis The Palm on the outer crescent.

Is the Monorail free in Dubai?

No, the Palm Monorail in Dubai is privately operated, and there is a fee for all users over 110cm tall, depending on how many stops you make. The ticket can be bought online in advance, as described above or at the stations.

Can you use Nol on Palm Monorail?

Yes, Dubai Monorail is now integrating with the Dubai public transport system, so it is possible to use your Nol card, but do note that the pricing structure for the journey is different from the Metro and Dubai tram.

Do you need to book in advance to visit Palm Jumeirah Monorail?

It is possible to book your tickets in advance but not necessary. There are also ticket machines at each of the Monorail stations.

Can I get to Aquaventure using the Monorail?

Yes, this is the ideal way to arrive at Atlantis and avoid the hassle of driving, parking and taxis. The Monorail station will deliver you right to the entrance to both Atlantis, The Palm and Aquaventure Waterpark.

Is parking free at Gateway Station?

The first 3 hours of parking at Gateway Station are free. Thereafter, you will pay 10 AED per hour to park your car.

How many stops are on the Palm Monorail?

The Dubai Monorail on Palm Jumeirah has 5 stations, though presently only 4 are operational; Gateway Station, Al Ittihad Park, Nakheel Mall and Atlantis Aquaventure.

Is the Palm Monorail handicap/stroller accessible?

Yes, the stations and monorail train on Palm Jumeirah offer completely step-free access for People of Determination using a wheelchair and for families using strollers in Dubai.

Can I bring my dog on the Dubai Monorail?

Unfortunately, dogs are not allowed on the Palm Monorail. This is a bit of a shame as the Palm has 2 renowned beaches that will allow well-behalfed dogs on leashes.

Who owns Palm Monorail?

The Palm Monorail is owned and operated by Nakheel, the master developers of the Palm.

What Hotels are near Palm Jumeirah Monorail?

You can find our complete guide to hotels on Palm Jumeirah over here.

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