Human waterfall in Dubai Mall

Experiencing the Dubai Mall Waterfall

by Dubai Travel Planner

Whilst the city of Dubai is bereft of any natural waterfalls, when people refer to the “Dubai Waterfall” or the “Human Waterfall”, they are most likely referring to the prominent water feature inside the Dubai Mall.

The Dubai Waterfall is a spectacular indoor art installation. Comprised of two large cylindrical walls 30 metres in diameter and 24 metres high – spanning the three floors of the Dubai Mall – it is one of the Mall’s most eye-catching features.

Recycled water cascades over the walls whilst fibreglass sculptures of men diving in unison create a truly mesmerising experience.

Dramatic and eye-catching, it is one of the more interesting features of the Dubai Mall certainly worth a stop on your Dubai itinerary to marvel at and photograph. Surrounded by coffee shops and restaurants, there are plenty of ways to prolong your visit to the Dubai Waterfall.

diving statues on the dubai waterfall inside dubai mall

Best Places to Eat Near the Dubai Waterfall

If it’s too hot for al fresco dining by Burj Lake outside the mall, dining beside the Dubai Waterfall can be the perfect refreshing treat indoors, why not try:

Meeting Point in Dubai Mall

Another great part about the Dubai Waterfall, it makes an excellent meeting point! Just be clear when saying “meet me at the waterfall” you say which floor as it does cover a rather large area of the mall!

The Waterfall inside Dubai Mall

Not the Waterfall You Were Thinking Of?

How to Visit the Dubai Waterfall

Entry into Dubai Mall is free for everyone to enjoy and the fountains run non-stop from opening time to closing time. You can view the fountains from underneath, standing on the ground floor of Dubai Mall, or take a ride up to level 2 for a magnificent overview of the fountains.

Often you’ll find addition props such as giant love hearts installed so you can capture your insta-perfect Dubai mall moment here.

Opening Times for the Dubai Mall Waterfall

Open in line with Dubai Mall opening hours, you can view and experience the Dubai Fountains:

  • 10:00 am to 11:00 pm Monday to Thursday
  • 10:00 am to midnight Friday to Sunday

Hours may be extended on special occasions such as Eid and National Day holidays.

One of the city’s more unique and magical creations, definitely one worth ticking off your bucketlist while touring Downtown Dubai.

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