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What to expect at Museum of Illusions Dubai

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A curious addition to Dubai’s extensive museum lineup is the Museum of Illusions, based in the Al Seef Creekside area of Dubai.

This fun and quirky addition to Dubai’s museums is packed full of 80+ interactive exhibits to trick your minds, challenge your senses, fuel your imagination, educate you and thoroughly confuse you as nothing is what it seems.

You’re led through a series of rooms, each with a different trick of the eye or twist to fool your brain that not everything is as it appears! A fun sensory and educational journey with plenty to photograph.

Some of the most popular attractions inside the Museum of Illusions Dubai include:

  • The Vortex Tunnel – a rotating cylindrical tunnel that sways and shakes, can you keep your balance?
  • The Ames Room – one of you is tiny and the other a giant, but how do they do it?
  • The Anti-gravity room – how do they make you all look upside down? This is an insta-favourite!
  • The Chair of Illusion – one big one little, an oldie but a goldie!
The chari of illusion
Picture courtesy of Our Globetrotters

Friendly staff are on hand to help you capture some of those trickier camera shots and suggest fun ways to enhance your experience. It’s not just kids who’ll get a fun laugh out of it!

You can finish your journey around the 450 sq meter museum at the gift shop, perfect for those who love logic problems! Lots of wooden puzzles and brain teasers to take home of they make perfect gifts.

Museum of Illusions Dubai Tickets

You can buy the tickets at the door, via their agent Platinum List, or we have found them slightly cheaper at Get Your Guide online ticketing service (which then gives you a money-back guarantee if you need to cancel)

Door prices for Museum of illusions Dubai:

  • Adults 65 AED
  • Children 50 AED
  • Family 200 AED

It also comes as an attraction on the Dubai Pass – Learn more here.

Museum of Illusions Dubai Timings

Sunday to Thursday: 10:00 AM to 10:00 PM
Friday and Saturday + Public Holidays: 10:00 AM to 11:00 PM

Where to find the Museum of Illusions Dubai

Al Seef Heritage Area, Building 3-17-1, Dubai Creek, Dubai, United Arab Emirates (Parking in the Al Seef complex). Nearest Metro Al Fahidi or include as part of your trip around Dubai Creek and use the Al Fahidi Marine Transport Station.

Enquiries to (04) 357 3999 or email Learn more at

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The Museum of Illusions Dubai is a fun way to spend an hour or so out of the heat – but be warned even with 80 exhibits, it is kinda small – pace yourself but should only really need to allow 45 minutes to an hour to cover it all (especially as numbers are currently limited).

Pack your camera and some fun ideas for some Insta-moments, then continue your journey around the fun and unique old-meets-new waterfront precinct of Al Seef.

Stay nearby to the Museum of Illusions Dubai

There are several accommodation options nearby to the Museum of Illusions including the immediately adjacent Al Seef Heritage Hotel and XVA Art Hotel.

Next up?

After you’ve finished at the Museum of Illusions, make sure you head on to check out the surrounding waterfront area of Al Seef and the Al Fahidi Historical Neighbourhood.

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