night view of the Dubai Fountains, taken from Dubai Mall back to Souk al Bahar

Visiting Dubai in June 2024: Hot, Happening & (Nearly) Crowd-Free Fun!

by Dubai Travel Planner

Everything you need to know about visiting Dubai in June

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Whilst most of the northern hemisphere is gently gliding into the warm summer months in June, Dubai has already dived in head first!

Temperatures are already scorching hot, and for the most part, life in Dubai has moved indoors to handle the extreme heat in June.

The good news for June visitors to Dubai, is tourism numbers fall from their spring peak and before the summer REALLY starts. This means there are bargains to be had and queue-free attractions to enjoy, so let’s dive into the detail of what to expect in Dubai this June.

We are still updating some of the information in this post for 2024 – events listed may still relate to 2023.

Dubai Weather in June

The temperature in Dubai moves from hot to even hotter with an average daily maximum of 39.8°C (103.6°F).

Still, it’s not unusual to experience significantly hotter days up to 47.9°C (118.2°F), as well as days with higher than normal humidity. Temperatures drop to an average of 27.7°C (81.9°F) overnight.

Sea temperatures also rise from 30.4°C (87.8°F) up to 33°C (90.4°F) – you won’t get much reprieve from jumping in the sea but most hotel resorts should have chillers on their pools to keep the water refreshing.

You can read our complete guide to Dubai Weather in June here, as well as our suggested ideas of what to pack for Dubai in June.

Is June too hot in Dubai?

This is really a matter of personal preference and what you have planned for Dubai.

For the most part, it’s too hot to be out and about at the beach or tackling the desert in June during the peak of the day, but not impossible.

If you don’t mind sweating a little, evenings out are still manageable, albeit many restaurants close their outdoor terraces in the hottest months of the year, and many seasonal events have closed.

You can read more about what to expect in summer in Dubai here.

What you will find is that you can pick up a bargain on your accommodation from June through to August.

Hotels still look to fill their rooms in the off-peak season, and you’ll certainly avoid the peak crowds in June.

Waterparks and water-based attractions still remain quite busy in June too, though as water temperatures rise over the month even these outdoor activities can become unbearable for some.

Burj Al Arab along the soft go9lden beach front in Dubai in may
Too hot during the day, but can you pick up a bargain on your summer accommodation in Dubai?

Dubai Special Events June 2024

(Some events below still relate to 2023; we are updating this section as announcements come out for 2024!)

As most activity has now moved indoors, there is a slowdown in large festivals and events over the hottest summer months. You can still experience these fun indoor and outdoor experiences in June 2023:

Live Music, theatre and comedy

  • Recently re-formed British indie band Razorlight will perform at Bla Bla Dubai’s The Tent on the 2nd of June 2023. To find out more, click here.
  • Catch celebrated Khaleeji singer Shamma Hamadan live at the Coca-Cola Arena on the 8th June. Tickets are available here.
  • Popular British band Simply Red will change the tone at the Coca-Cola Arena on the 9th June 2023. To book tickets, click here.
  • The 11th of June sees an evening of Bollywood magic with Mithoon and Friends live at the Coca-Cola Arena. To find out more, click here.
  • Dubai Opera always has a stellar lineup of indoor entertainment in the lead-up to summer. This June, Sleeping Beauty (June 2nd and 3rd), Tom Oddell (June 7th), and The Story of Princess Aurora (10th June) form part of a diverse lineup of live stage entertainment.
  • La Perle a mesmerising acrobatic show featuring hydraulics, pyrotechnics and motorbikes, continues to run in Al Habtoor City. For more details, click here.

Local cultural and heritage events in June

  • There are no cultural festivals planned for June. However, Eid Al Adha is set to fall from 16 to 18 June 2024, sure to bring some traditional performances and activities throughout the city.
  • The Jewellery and Bride Arabia Show at the Dubai World Trade Centre will give you a glimpse into the glitzy world of Arabian weddings. Running from June 16th until June 19th 2023. To find out more, click here.

Sporting Events in June

  1. The World Padel League will host their inaugural edition at the Coca-Cola Arena between the 8th and 11th June 2023, with 24 top-rated players from around the world. For more details, click here.
  2. The Dubai African Football Cup will hit Dubai Sports World on the 3rd of June, 2023. To find out more, click here.
  3. Dubai welcomes the Women’s Kabbali League at the Shabab Al Ahli Sports Club between the 16th and 27th of June. Check out 12 of India’s best teams competing against each other. To find out more, click here.

Places to Visit in Dubai in June 2024

In June, you will most definitely want to start exploring some of the city’s best indoor attractions.

Basing yourself around Dubai Mall and Downtown Dubai is a great idea at this stage of the year. Why not try:

  • A visit to the city’s beautiful Museum of the Future is an otherworldly experience sure to wow (NB advance booking essential).
  • A trip to At The Top Burj Khalifa – the highest observation deck in the world is a total bucket list experience not to miss, mostly indoors (Even in off-peak times, it’s still best to book your Burj Khalifa tickets well in advance, especially if you want the coveted sunset spots).
  • Take on the slopes of Ski Dubai in Mall of the Emirates, or enjoy a snow park pass to enjoy Bobsledding, Zorb balling, and more!
  • Once the sun goes down, venture out to the Dubai Mall promenade to capture the evening Dubai Fountain show – the world’s largest dancing fountain show on the Burj Lake. Taking a traditional abra out onto the water at night is one of the most popular central city activities in June.
  • Another great nightspot to enjoy the nightly fountain show is Time Out Market, found in neighbouring Souk al Bahar. Terrace views are possible here, as well as a superb dining hall atmosphere. Friday nights, you can enjoy resident DJ Martin Avari playing from 8:00 pm until late; it will be one of the most happening places in town this June.

    June 2024 in Dubai With The Kids

    Indoor kids’ entertainment is Dubai’s specialty, in fact, you probably won’t find more indoor activities and fun centers in the world!

    Here’s just a sample of some of the biggest indoor attractions you can try – or check out this awesome listing of summer indoor activities for kids

    • Kidzania Dubai – the life-like city built just for kids where they can take on jobs, earn money from flying a FlyDubai plane through to working at the bank and enjoy lunch from their own creations at Pizza Express! Found within Dubai Mall.
    • Play DXB (formerly VR Park) offers a huge indoor virtual reality park to explore within Dubai Mall.
    • Explore the entirely indoor rainforest biodome The Green Planet – featuring rescued exotic wildlife through to animal encounters and “Zoo Keeper for a Day” opportunities.
    The Green Planet Dubai
    Explore the rainforest in the heart of Dubai at The Green Planet
    • Head to Dubai Hills Mall, where you will find the giant Adventure Park. Here, you will find all things adventure! From climbing walls to rope courses and even an indoor rollercoaster (yes, inside the shopping mall!) The Storm Coaster.

    More Frequently Asked Questions About June in Dubai

    Does it rain in Dubai in June?

    Rain in Dubai during June would be an extremely rare occurrence. It can rain in Dubai, but predominantly, this will occur in the winter months – November to April.

    Is June summer in Dubai?

    Yes. Dubai doesn’t experience the classic four seasons, just a mild winter and a hot summer. June is near the start of the hottest months of the year.

    Can you swim at the beach in Dubi in June?

    The water temperatures rise significantly over the month of June. You will still find the water in Dubai pleasant for swimming at the start of June; as you approach the peak of summer, it is less pleasant, around 33°C (90.4°F), which feels more like bath water!

    Is June a good time to visit Dubai?

    It depends on your tolerance for the heat! If you’re looking for a vacation in the sun without the crowds, then June makes a great time to be in Dubai. If you want to undertake outdoor activities and visit the desert and the mountains, then June is probably going to be too hot to be enjoyable, and there will be many attractions.

    Check out the best things to do in every month in Dubai here!

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    Ramoray September 20, 2022 - 1:57 pm

    Went to the beach in Mamzar on both 2nd and 3rd of June 2022, both starting from 4:00 PM. Weather was okay on the 2nd of June, but on the 3rd of June, the weather was unbelievably beautiful! Of course during the daytime, weather was normally hot, it reached the average high of between 38 to 42 degrees celsius which is too hot obviously, but this is normal for late May / early June. Sea water temperature was just perfect on both days, taken from May, and around 4:00 PM the weather cools down. From that time to 7 PM, on 2nd of June, the weather was fine, except it was humid. The same time at 7 PM on 3rd of June, the weather was so beautiful, it didn’t felt like June at all, it felt more like April-end or early May, it was clear and it was beautiful, the sunset was more colorful and beautiful, the wind is blowing off cool air which kind of made me feel cold, it was awesome, later that night it sinked to 28 degrees celsius unlike to 32 degrees on the night of 2nd of June. Nevertheless, if people say, “oh June is a bad month to visit, because it is too hot” Hell no, June (especially early June) in my opinion is the BEST month to visit Dubai, and also Abu Dhabi UAE for beach outings!

    Dubai Travel Planner September 23, 2022 - 2:22 pm

    Great, thanks for that really insightful feedback. Dubai weather can undoubtedly be quite variable from one day to the next, hot comes in many different formats in Dubai! June can definitely be a great time to visit the beach without the crowds.


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