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Dubai Dress Code Explained: What to Wear in Dubai as a Tourist

by Dubai Travel Planner

Deciphering the Dubai dress code and what’s appropriate to pack for your trip to Dubai

The United Arab Emirates is a Muslim country but not as conservative as other parts of the Middle East and Central Asia when it comes to dress code expected of tourists.

That said, there are still minimum standards expected of tourists, and the dress code can vary depending on what situation you are in. Public places like the shopping mall, souks, government buildings, or a museum are treated quite differently from a resort or water park.

Whilst it’s important to dress for the warm desert climate, always bear your setting and what is culturally respectable in mind.

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Dubai Dress Code: Dressing for Religion and the Heat in Dubai

Although daytime temperatures throughout the year range from warm to very hot to scorching, you must remember at all times, you are in a Muslim country. It is possible to dress in a conservative manner that deals with the weather but remains respectful of local culture.

There are a few basic rules tourists should look to observe:

  • Aim to cover shoulders and knees
  • Avoid showing midriffs and cleavage
  • Avoid anything transparent or overly clingy
  • If someone does ask you to cover up – do so without protest

Yes, you will also hear conflicting advice in travel forums telling you to wear whatever you want, Dubai is so liberal etc, etc. Please don’t be that tourist!

Things such as the acceptance of western clothing have definitely evolved over the last 20 years as the city has considerably opened up to tourism. However, Islamic cultural roots in the city still run deep.

Just because you see someone else wearings something skimpier than you doesn’t make it OK! Show some respect to your hosts.

Understanding Local Dress in Dubai

You will see that most local Emiratis and a large proportion of the expats in Dubai hailing from other GCC countries dress in a traditional regional outfit.

For men in Dubai, this is:

For women in Dubai, this is:

  • A long black abaya
  • Black Shayla (head covering)
  • Very occasionally, you will still see some women with a metal burqa, but this is uncommon. Full niqabs or burkhas are extremely uncommon
  • Other colours are, of course, permitted, but local women will almost always be seen in public only in black

Dubai Dress Code For Women: What to Wear in Dubai as a Woman

Non-Muslim female visitors are by no means expected to dress in the same manner as local women nor have their heads covered at all, with some limited exceptions:

  • For women, carrying a shawl or pashmina with you is always a good idea to cover up if you feel awkward – and for a bit of sun and dust protection!
  • If you are entering the Grand Mosque or any religious or government building, you will need to buy or hire a full-length abaya and cover your head.
  • Linen trousers, long shorts/cargos, and clothing made from natural fibers will be your best choices in the high temperatures of Dubai.
  • Women can wear leggings under a dress, a great solution if your dress is a little short, but avoid tight, revealing bottoms and showing too much cleavage.
  • Cut-off shorts, midriff tops, and spaghetti straps or strappy tops should be considered wardrobe no-gos for Dubai.
  • Sleeveless tops are acceptable in most situations where only your arms are shown.
  • Shorts that completely cover the bottom are acceptable now in most situations.

Dubai Dress Code for Men: What Should Men Wear Visiting Dubai?

  • For men, you will find that despite the heat, nearly all gents in Dubai wear full-length trousers.
  • Bringing some light chinos is a good idea for public places, or if wearing shorts, try and make them knee-length.
  • Avoid tank tops (other than at the beach/water parks) and be careful with the wording on any slogan t-shirts; wear nothing that could be construed as offensive.

The best thing to bear in mind is, “am I dressed with modesty?” If in doubt, a helpful hotel concierge may be able to guide you.

Dubai Dress Code: What Should I Wear to the Beach in Dubai?

You will see huge variations in what is considered appropriate at the beach and resort wear. For men, longer shorts are much preferred to skimpy brief-style Speedos – though I bet you’ll see plenty of budgie smugglers these days.

For ladies, where do we start?! It can be a minefield, and these days, there are very differing views on just how liberal attitudes are in Dubai in the 2020s. How much skin is too much skin? And on what parts of the body?!

You will see many Muslim women prefer to wear a full-length burkini by the water. Whilst at the opposite end of the spectrum, it’s not unusual at all to see extremely skimpy two-piece bikinis at exclusive beach clubs. Being topless is still a strict no-no.

For modesty, we would suggest something in between that you feel comfortable in. Anything scanty, and yes, you will get stared at. But also be respectful of your setting; If there are lots of families about, it’s not appropriate to have everything on display. Whereas in an adults-only beach bar, you may find almost anything, except being outright naked, might be acceptable.

It is very important to note when NOT at the beach or pool areas, cover up! This includes the public areas of your hotel or resort or if you are going into a restaurant. No full abaya is necessary, but it’s recommended ladies have an overshirt or dress pulled on top. For men, wearing any sort of top covering your bare chest is appropriate.

Public beaches will each have their own rules. At Jumeirah Beach, for example, they ask that women be fully covered, ie, you must have a sun top or rashguard on over your bathers. Not a bad idea in the sun anyway, but this may come as a surprise if you are used to how liberal the rules are in resorts. In other places like The Beach, JBR the rules are more relaxed.

If you are asked by security to cover up a little, do so without argument. Security officers are well within their right to call the police if you do not cooperate or become abusive – remember this is a big no-no in Dubai.

Dubai Dress Code: What Do I Wear in the Desert in Dubai?

A desert safari is one of the most popular excursions to undertake in Dubai. It does, however, raise questions about how to dress appropriately. You have not only heat and sand to contend with but desert activities which may involve bouncing about, riding camels, or taking on the dunes.

We would suggest wearing breathable natural materials to cope with the heat and sweat, but long shorts or long trousers are more appropriate for ladies than a long flowing dress, as pretty as it may look in photos.

Dubai Desert Safari -group of tourists walking on the dunes

Dubai Dress Code: What are children expected to wear in Dubai?

Prepubescent children should feel free to dress as they please, but teenagers have the same dress requirements as adults outlined above; this should be judged on their maturity rather than age alone.

You will notice that local children are dressed pretty much from head to toe, whatever the weather. The traditional local dress is normally reserved for religious occasions and special events for kids. However, even in the summer, Emirati children tend to be dressed in long clothing.

Visiting children are by no means obliged to do so and should dress for the weather. Dresses, shorts, or skirts on girls is absolutely fine (though if they are doing adventurous activities, as in any situation, leggings or tights underneath a dress or skirt might be a good idea).

Dubai Packing List

To help you prepare for your Dubai trip, you can download a complete packing list for Dubai, including clothing advice and all the extra documents, electronics, and toiletry items you might want to pack.

We comprehensively explain why you might want to pack these items over here.

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Some more frequently asked clothing questions for Dubai

Do I need a Hijab in Dubai?

Non-Muslim women are not expected to have their hair covered. You will only want a head covering if going into a religious building and some Government buildings.

Can you wear a bikini in Dubai?

Yes, it is acceptable in a beach or resort setting to wear a bikini. See our advice above though about appropriate settings for wearing a bikini in Dubai.

Can you wear shorts in Dubai?

Yes, there’s a time and a place for your short shorts (within a resort/beach club or private setting), and times when you should wear full trousers or a long skirt/leg covering. On most occasions, you should dress for the heat, and shorts are acceptable. Try to keep them at least mid-thigh length or longer out of respect in public places.

Can I wear leggings in Dubai?

Yes, in most situations, it is OK to wear figure-hugging leggings in Dubai. We would suggest it’s appropriate to wear a long top to cover your bottom in some public settings, though not essential.

Many ladies wearing shorter dresses or skirts like to wear leggings underneath. Leggings may also be appropriate winter wear if you are heading out to the mountains or desert and taking on strenuous outdoor activities.

Can I wear skinny jeans in Dubai?

Yes, in most situations, skinny jeans, like leggings, are absolutely fine. The only place this may not be appropriate is a religious building. We would suggest ladies place an abaya on top of their outfits. These are inexpensive to pick up at one of the souks and will make a great souvenir from your Middle East vacation.

Can I wear a tank top in Dubai?

For the most part, yes. However, the jury is still out on when and where this is appropriate.

You will find for men, the rules are quite strict; you should pretty much only be wearing sleeveless tops at the beach. It’s not appropriate for men to wear a tank top at the mall, souks, museums, or religious buildings. Likewise, it will be against most restaurants and bars’ dress policies for men not to have shirt sleeves.

For women, there’s a little more leniency in sleeveless tops. You will see it’s against the rules published on most shopping mall doors, but it’s rarely enforced. Same with going out to a restaurant; only if a strict dress code is published or in religious buildings would you strictly be prohibited entry if your clothing is seen as too skimpy on your shoulders.

As a precautionary measure, it never hurts to bring a cardigan or pashmina/wrap with you if you feel uncomfortable or are asked to cover up.

Can I wear a crop top in Dubai?

In the right place, yes. We’d keep anything that reveals your midriff only for the beach. In shopping malls, such as Dubai Mall, and many other public buildings, this is against the published rules and may draw unwanted attention. It would be a strict no in museums and religious buildings. On a desert safari, you’re pushing your luck too!

Can I wear short dresses in Dubai?

We’d urge you to think about the situation before wearing a very short dress in Dubai. At a nightclub, fancy weekend brunch, or night out with the ladies, yes, a short dress would be acceptable.

A short dress is not appropriate in a shopping mall (though you’ll see them!), mosque, or souk. Your underwear should not be visible if you bend in any way. And even in appropriate settings, think about how you’re getting to and from the venue when making your wardrobe choices.

Can I wear flip flops in Dubai?

Of course! Open footwear is the norm and acceptable pretty much everywhere. You may want something a little more dressy for dining out; all but the finest of establishments will let you in with flip-flops of any quality and variety!

Will I need winter clothes in Dubai?

If you’re visiting over the coolest months, December to February, you are likely going to want some warmer clothing for the early mornings and evenings – though visiting from any cooler country, you may not think the winters are too cold! Overnight in the desert or mountains though, you will definitely notice it.

What’s the dress code in Abu Dhabi?

If you’re heading to Abu Dhabi on your trip to the UAE, a very similar dress code applies to Dubai. As your trip is likely to involve stops at places such as the Grand Mosque, the Louvre, and Qasr al Watan, the presidential palace, a more conservative dress standard will be expected.

There are very specific dress code standards for the Grand Mosque that should be followed, whilst other buildings ask for a respectful standard – this means knees and shoulders covered as a rule of thumb.

Alternatively, if you’re taking a trip to the Yas Island theme parks, bathers are appropriate for Yas Waterworld, but you’ll want to be covered up for your journey. Ferrari World and Warner Bros World Abu Dhabi, you’ll need to be out of your swimwear and wearing something appropriate for high-speed rides.

We thoroughly explain the Abu Dhabi dress code over here.

What is the dress code at Dubai Mall?

Dubai Mall, and any mall in Dubai, is considered a public place, so a respectful level of dress is required – we explain this in a lot more detail for Dubai Mall over here.

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