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Best Coffee in Dubai: The Best Cuppa & Prettiest Cafes

by Dubai Travel Planner

Where Can You Get the Best Coffee in Dubai?

For many of us, coffee is simply a way of life. The search for the perfect brew can be the first thing we look for in a new city, and certainly, Dubai is no exception!

Whether you’re interested in learning more about the local coffee culture or can’t let a day go by without your latte fix, there’s sure to be a coffee shop in Dubai to meet your taste!

Our team have been scouring the city in search of our daily caffeine fix for the best part of a decade. Putting our research to good use, we’re sharing with you here our top picks for newcomers to Dubai seeking out the best coffee shops and must-try cafes.

10 Best Coffee Shops in Dubai

We have rounded up 10 of the best coffee shops in Dubai to help you get your daily dose of caffeine – from the best brews to the prettiest backdrops; you’ll want these fabulous places on your Dubai foodie bucket list!

1. Alchemy Coffee

Let’s start with one of the best coffee shops in Dubai with a sophisticated interior and an impressive range of coffees brewed from single farms coffee beans – Alchemy Coffee.

Here, you’ll get all kinds of coffees you can imagine, starting from the basic espresso to the rich latte, macchiato, Gibraltar, flat white, cold brew, and the much-loved black coffee, among others.

So, whether you want to hang out with your friends, spend a quiet evening with your partner, or just spend some time with yourself with a steaming hot or ice-cold cup of coffee, Alchemy is an ideal place to go for coffee lovers.

Where to Find it

  • 37 39 B St. On Al Wasl Road, Opposite Dar Wasl Mall, Dubai.

For more booking information, please visit Alchemy Coffee.

2. The Grey

If you like to click amazing pictures, visit The Grey, one of the best instagrammable cafes in Dubai. The interior is designed in monochromatic shades of grey and gives out soothing vibes.

Their bestsellers are the ash coffee, butterscotch latte, charcoal oat latte, cascara, and espresso caipirinha. Besides these specialities, you can also get the all-time favourite classics, including Americano, cappuccino, latte, espresso, and mocha. You also have the option of choosing your choice of milk from almond, coconut, and Oatley milk.

The Grey has an extensive breakfast, fast food, and dessert menu if you want to eat something alongside your coffee.

So, for a peaceful meal followed by the tastiest coffee, The Grey is the place to be!

Where to Find it

  • 9 A Street, Al Wasl Road, Dubai.

For more booking information, please visit The Grey.

3. Villa 515

How about a cool coffee shop in Dubai that reminds you of everything posh and upscale? At Villa 515, you can have such an experience!

Villa 515 initially opened up as a shop selling high-end perfumes, but over the period of time, they launched a cafe, resonating with their boutique.

The cafe is known for its cosy interior and spacious outdoor seating. Plus, it has a fulfilling breakfast menu and a variety of coffees. From the classic espresso to the rich macchiato, you will find coffee that gives you an energy boost, no matter the time of the day!

Where to Find it

  • Villa 515, Jumeirah Street, Jumeirah Beach Road, Jumeira 3, Dubai.


For more booking information, check out their Instagram @cafevilla515.

4. Boston Lane

Talking of instagrammable cafes in Dubai, we cannot leave out Boston Lane! It is a popular place that offers comfortable seating and a relaxing and welcoming ambience.

Inspired by Melbourne’s laneway cafes in Australia, Boston Lane offers more than 16 coffee varieties, including the famous espresso, macchiato, cortado, piccolo, cold brew, French press, rose latte, and frappuccino, among other classics. Plus, there’s also an impressive breakfast and lunch menu, too.

So, whether you’re looking for a hefty breakfast with coffee or a place to hang out during lunch, or if you simply want to enjoy awesome food with great coffee, you need to give Boston Lane a try!

Where to Find it

  • Boston Lane, The Courtyard, 6A St, Al Quoz, Dubai 9and seasonally Ripe Market, Police Academy)

For more booking information, please visit Boston Lane.

5. Le Guépard

If you want to have coffee at a cafe that looks like it came straight out of a Disney movie, Lu Guépard is the place!

Also nestled in Al Quoz, this French cafe in Dubai has a homely interior designed with a warm and soothing colour scheme. While it has an amazing menu for food, the coffee is to die for. It has 11 varieties of classic coffee, including cafe latte, cappuccino, affogato, etc. There are six options for filter coffee, including v60, Aeropress, French press, Chemex, and cold brew.

And, if you’re not in the mood for coffee, you can try their extensive selection of tea, too!

Where to Find it

  • Alserkal Avenue, Unit 57, Al Quoz, Dubai.

For more booking information, please visit Le Guepard.

6. The Climbing Goat Roastery

The best coffee is the one with freshly roasted beans. And the Climbing Goat Roastery is where you’ll find it!

At this classic Dubai coffee shop, you will get the finest coffee with a score of 86 or above. From classic coffees such as Americano, Spanish latte, matcha latte, flat white, and piccolo to cold brew and an iced latte, the Climbing Goat Coffee has the creamiest and richest coffees available.

However, their speciality includes nitrogen coffee and V60 filter coffee. Also included on the menu are brownies, croissants, and cakes to pair with the coffee.

Where to Find it

  • Dubai Festival City, Dubai.

For more booking information, please visit The Climbing Goat Roastery. 

7. Nomad Day Bar

As the name suggests, Nomad Day Bar is a cool coffee shop in Dubai which has quite a unique interior and seating arrangement. It gives off a hip and trendy vibe with a warm ambience that calls for a relaxing coffee break.

As this bar is famous for its coffee, let’s take you through the coffee range. They have Turkish coffee, long black, flat white, and all the other regulars. But they offer some signature coffees, including vanilla gorilla, a cold brew topped with vanilla ice cream, and the hokey pokey, a pecan praline cold brew topped with vanilla ice cream and caramel.

Apart from coffee, Nomad Day Bar offers an impressive variety of breakfast and comfort food items for lunch. This is the perfect place to enjoy great-tasting food with freshly brewed coffee.

Where to Find it

  • Nomad Day Bar, 25hours Hotel One Central, Trade Center Street, Dubai.

For more booking information, please visit Nomad Day Bar.

8. Boon Coffee

If you’re looking for the real thing, authentic coffee, head over to Boon Coffee!

It is an Ethiopian-owned coffee shop in Dubai that offers manually brewed coffees, including V60, Aeropress, syphon, French press, and other famous coffee varieties. Pair your steaming hot coffee cup with freshly baked pastries, doughnuts, and buns for the complete package.

Visit Boon Coffee for breakfast or a quick energizing snack, and get your dose of caffeine for the day!

Where to Find it

  • Ground Floor, 1 – Lake Plaza, Cluster T Jumeirah Lakes Towers, Dubai.

For more booking information, please visit Boon Coffee.

9. Emirati Coffee Co

Let’s take you into the world of luxury coffee at Emirati Coffee Co. Coffee enthusiasts will agree it is one of the best coffee shops in Dubai that does not use just any coffee bean to brew its coffees, but only the finest top 2% of beans!

It has manually brewed coffee, including Aeropress, V60, and Chemex. They have 4 signature drinks, including golden latte, Arabic coffee, Emirati coffee, and bloody coffee. Other than this, if you want to try the originals, you can order the Spanish latte, hot mocha, espresso macchiato, cortado, flat white, and piccolo.

At Emirati Coffee Co, you also get exquisite desserts, including cakes, cheesecakes, brownies, and special milk cakes to go with the coffee.

Where to Find it

  • 14 9b, Building 1, Al Quoz Industrial Area Third, Dubai.

For more booking information, please visit Emirati Coffee Co.

10. Forever Rose

Let’s wrap up this article with one of the most intricately designed instagrammable cafes in Dubai, the Forever Rose Cafe.

As soon as you set foot into this cafe, you’ll be taken back to the castles described in fairytales. With its all-white decor and a hint of gold, it is hands-down a posh place to enjoy a hearty meal followed by luxury coffee.

Their signature coffees include the Forever Rose latte, Forever Lavender latte, Forever Orchid latte, Capo Triestino, Cappucino Viennese, and marocchino caldo. You can also try the iced coffee and the classic coffee range, including macchiato freddo, macchiato caldo, and ristretto.

So, head over to Forever Rose for a fairytale coffee experience.

So over to you, do you agree with our team’s selection? Where have you found the best coffee or the best coffee shop in Dubai?

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More Frequently Asked Questions About Coffee in Dubai

Is coffee popular in Dubai?

Ah, yes! Both coffee and tea are widely drunk in the UAE, and trust us when we say Dubai residents care about their coffee!

How much is a cup of coffee in Dubai?

This can be hugely variable depending on your venue and the size of your cup. You can expect a grande Starbucks coffee, for example, to set you back around 20 AED.

Can you get coffee in Dubai in Ramadan?

Yes, despite the fact that, locally, Muslims are fasting throughout the Holy Month of Ramadan, cafes and coffee shops now remain open. There may be some that shut until after Iftar, but in the evolving world of tourism in Dubai, cafes now remain open during the daytime, and curtains are no longer required.

It is advisable and polite, though, to consume your coffee within the coffee shop rather than walking around eating and drinking in public during Ramadan. In fact, it’s still technically illegal to the letter of the law to eat and drink in public during Ramadan, though it’s unlikely police will fine tourists. You simply shouldn’t do it as a courtesy.

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