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A Day In Dubai Marina: Packing For The Perfect Outing

by Dubai Travel Planner

Dubai Marina attracts visitors worldwide with its fantastic blend of urban charm and waterside allure. Its towering skyscrapers’ luster, pristine beaches’ serenity, and luxury yachts’ opulence make it a premier destination for visitors to Dubai.  

To truly immerse yourself in this unique location and visit its popular attractions, you must pack smartly. Here’s your guide on creating a hassle-free and memorable Dubai Marina experience.


The type of bag you choose sets the tone for your trip. Whether you’re in Dubai Marina for a day or a fortnight, selecting the right carrier can make a world of difference. Check out some of the most popular bags travelers going to Dubai swear by:

  • Rolling luggage: Perfect for extended stays, these bags provide ample space and the convenience of wheels. There’s no need to haul around a heavy load when you can easily roll.
  • Travel backpack: If you’re in Dubai Marina for a short escapade, a backpack marries comfort with accessibility so you can explore without any backaches.
  • Sling bag: For those day trips where you just need essentials, sling bags are a game-changer. Lightweight and trendy, they allow swift access to your items without fuss, making them the ideal accessory for trips.
  • Duffel bag or weekender: Do you need more space for your day trip essentials? Consider a duffel or weekender bag. They’re roomy enough for travel necessities yet small enough to be a hand-carry.

Always choose a durable bag that can hold everything you need for your trip. You don’t want to travel to Dubai with a worn-down bag.


Dubai’s cultural backdrop infuses the modernity of the Marina with traditional spirit. Hence, dressing respectfully while staying comfortable becomes pivotal. You can wear various clothing, but it’s essential to dress modestly. For female travellers unsure of what to wear, consider these three items:

  • Maxi dresses: A combination of style and modesty, these dresses offer the perfect solution to Dubai’s warm climate while aligning with its conservative nature.
  • Loose trousers: These are breathable and ensure you’re covered decently. Pair them with a light top, and you’re set.
  • Long skirts: Ideal for a relaxed evening around Dubai Marina, they offer freedom of movement for that long promenade saunter.

While at places like the Dubai Marina, comfort in the heat is crucial. Your loose, breathable clothes will keep you comfy as you stroll along the seven-kilometer waterfront promenade.

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While Dubai Marina exudes a chic vibe, comfort in footwear remains vital, especially when every corner of this place beckons exploration. Navigating the city requires the following footwear:

  • Sandals: A blend of style and convenience, they’re perfect for those beach days or casual outings in the Marina.
  • Sneakers: When you plan to take a long walk in Dubai’s tourist spots, nothing beats the snug fit of a good pair of sneakers.
  • Flip-flops: Just right for those strolls or quick coffee runs, they’re the epitome of vacation footwear.

When visiting locations like the Dubai Marina, your feet will thank you for comfortable shoes.


Dubai Marina and adjacent JBR “The Beach” will certainly tempt you to take dip. However, while cosmopolitan and surrounded by fancy beach clubs, the public beaches in Dubai require you to be a little more conservative. So, it’s best to bring these two items:

  • One-piece swimsuits: These are your best bet. They strike the right balance between swim readiness and respecting local norms.
  • Cover-ups: If you’re lounging at beaches or pools, wearing a trendy cover-up over your swimsuit when you’re not swimming is essential.

Likewise, if you’ll be venturing further than the Dubai Marina area to one of Dubai’s water parks such as Wild Wadi or Aquaventure at Atlantis The Palm, ensure you have appropriate swimsuits and cover-ups for a watery adventure. A sun-protecting rashie top would also be wise.

Sun Protection

As the Dubai sun casts its golden hue, you’ll want to be prepared to bask without the burn. Make sure to pack the following:

  • Broad-spectrum sunscreen: With UVA and UVB protection, it’s your first line of defense against the sun’s rays.
  • Wide brim hats: Beyond being a fashion statement, they shield your face and neck, letting you sightsee without squinting.
  • Sunglasses: A pair with UV protection keeps your eyes safe while you soak in the views, especially when admiring the silhouette of Dubai’s skyscrapers.

You’ll need that sun protection for not only the beach but any excursions you make out on to the Arabian Gulf or venturing into the desert.

Other Essentials

Don’t forget to add these items to your bag, whether it’s in your packed luggage or sling bag:

  • Camera: Those sunset views and skyline shots? You’ll want to capture them.
  • Water bottle: Staying hydrated is key in the Dubai heat.
  • Light shawl or scarf: Handy for sudden gusts of cool air in indoor places or when visiting more conservative areas.

Packing lightly and wisely is the key to an incredible day in Dubai Marina.

So, with your bags ready and excitement brewing, what are you waiting for? Dubai Marina is ready for you to explore. Enjoy your trip!

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