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Free entry to Expo 2020 Dubai; Are you eligible?

by Dubai Travel Planner

Are you one of the lucky categories entitled to free entry to the biggest world event ever seen in the Middle East?

Expo 2020 Dubai, running from 1 October 2021 to 31 March 2022 is set to be one of the most incredible experiences ever seen in the United Arab Emirates.

With over 190 countries represented across three districts, it’s certainly going to be Dubai’s hottest ticket this winter. But how much does it actually cost?

Ticket Pricing for Expo 2020 Dubai

  • Day Ticket: A standard adult day entry to Expo 2020 is 95 AED
  • Multi-day Pass: Visitors wishing to come on multiple days should purchase a multi-day pass – 195 AED for 30 consective days
  • Season Pass: To get the full benefit of the event, an unlimited season pass is 495 AED
  • A Family Bundle: (2 adult tickets) is 950 AED, plus extra disount and dining perks are thrown in

These tickets can be booked with Expo 2020 directly here.

There are various premium experiences you can also add to your ticket.

Discounts for Expo 2020 Dubai

As part of an introductory offer, a special month-long pass only for the month of October is available to purchase at AED 95 (until 15 October 2021).

If you visit guest services, you can make this an annual pass for just 150 AED more – all up 245 AED for your season ticket if you get in early.

Free Entry to Expo 2020

The great news about this event is how accessible it is. To encourage the community and visitors to attend, there are several categoriess of free tickets available:

Children, students, disabled & elderly

  • Anyone under the age of 18 is free to attend Expo 2020
  • Over 60’s are also free to attend
  • Students with a valid ID from an academic institution can enter for free
  • People of Determination (disabled) are able to attend, with one carer at half price

To utilise these free ticket categories you must still “purchase” you ticket online for entry purposes. Children under 6 do not require an entry ticket.

Worker Categories

Many categories of workers in the UAE with residency status have also been granted free entry

  • Nannies and housemaids – unlimited entry throughout the 6 months but must get a new ticket each time
  • RTA Drivers – one free entry during the six months
  • Hospitality workers (hotels, restuarautns, cafes) are entitled to free entry in October only
  • Laborers who worked on the construction of Expo 2020, along with other construction workers will be entitled to entry at 1AED under a separate programme for labourers called Hayaakum. Arranged by the construction companies, this will take the format of group visits.

Presentation of a passport with a valid visa at the ticket counter (any of the four main entrances) is required to access these free worker entry tickets.

We expect further worker categories will be added to this list throughout the 6 months of Expo 2020.

Guests flying with UAE Airlines – Complimentary tickets to Expo 2020

If you have flown into the UAE with Emirates, FlyDubai or Etihad you will also entitle you to one free entry to Expo 2020.

Other ways to get free tickets to Expo 2020

  • We are aware a number of hotel chains were offering promotions in September but awaiting clarity if there are ongoing hotel stay & visit packages.
  • Guests staying at the only on-site hotel, Rove Expo 2020 will get entry tickets included with their stay.
  • Customers of Etisalat signing up to a new plan will receive a Promo code to use when purchasing tickets to bring the cost at checkout to 0 AED.

Getting to Expo 2020 for Free

The other cost to consider in planning your trip to Expo 2020 is transportation.

The good news is if you use the Expo Rider bus service, operating in both Dubai Emirate and services running from other Emirates, you can get to Expo 2020 Dubai for free too.

Our complete guide on how to visit Expo 2020 can be found here

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Frequently Asked Questions on Free Expo 2020 tickets

Is Expo 2020 free?

No, a paid entry ticket is required to enter Expo 2020, however, there are many visitor categories who are eligible for free entry. This article explains each of this eligible categories.

Is Expo 2020 free for students?

Yes, any adult student in full time education with a valid student ID from an educational institution may enter free (as well as any child under 18 years of age).

We’ve found nothing that suggests this is limited to educational institutions in the UAE, therefore we believe international students with ID are also eligible for free entry to Expo 2020.

Children may also visit with their school under the Expo School Programme.

Does my nanny need to be visiting Expo 2020 with me (ie with their sponsor family)?

No, it is not neccessary for nanny’s and housekeepers to visit Expo with their sponsors. They are permitted entry only with their visa in their passport. They must still show this at a ticket counter to gain entry each time.

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