Ski Dubai indoor ski slope at Mall of the Emirates

Dubai weather in August: Dubai’s hottest month explained

by Dubai Travel Planner

What to expect when visiting Dubai in August

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Dubai’s average day time maximum temperature in August is 41.5°C (106.7°F).

It’s nothing but hot, hot, hot as the outlook in August. Even when you think it can’t get any hotter there are some furiously muggy hot days thrown in with highs reaching 48.8°C (120°F) – the “feels like” temperature which accounts for humidity and wind chill as well exceeds 50°C (122°F)!

There’s little relief overnight as temperatures may only drop as far as 30.6°C (87°F). The average throughout the day in August is 35.3°C (95.5°F), the absolute peak heat of the year in Dubai. You will get an abundance of sunshine in August, averaging 10.5 hours+ a day, but you are likely to be sheltered inside during those hours.

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Dubai Sea Temperature in August

In August you should expect sea temperatures on average of 33.1°C (91.6°F). The minimum and maximum don’t vary much from 31.6°C (90.1°F) through to 34.7°C (93.2°F).

You will find very little relief from an ocean swim in August. Unless you are jumping in the early evening it really is too hot and the water does not cool much overnight. You are best taking advantage of a lovely chilled resort pool when you’re visiting Dubai in the summer.

On the plus side, you can find heavily discounted hotel deals at this time of year as resorts still look to fill their rooms despite the heat. Outdoor recreation activities though are likely to be off the table until at least the end of September.

Ski Dubai indoor ski slope at Mall of the Emirates
Ski Dubai at Mall of the Emirates is a popular way to keep your cool in the peak of Dubai’s summer

Other weather patterns that are common in Dubai in August

You will also notice in August an increase in humidity as well as the air temperature. This leads to a very muggy heat.

Often the city looks quite hazy in August, sandstorms are not uncommon at this time of year. Although August is historically the driest month in Dubai and rain is very unlikely, a brief thunderstorm is not totally unheard of – no need to pack the brolly just in case though!

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What should I pack for August in Dubai?

In August you will need to be prepared for the extremes – outside temperatures are searing hot so pack breathable cotton materials that don’t stain easily with sweat marks. Long flowing dresses and loose, long sleeve shirts work best, along with plenty of antiperspirant!

If you are worried about exact how you’re supposed to dress light for the weather but covered for respect, you can see our guide to dressing with cultural sensitivity here.

You will definitely want some sort of sun protection for your head, sunglasses and your 50SPF sunscreen – even if you will only briefly be outside.

At the other end of the scale, in August you will want to be prepared for the brutal force of airconditioning indoors! A cardigan or pullover should suffice in most situations. If you are still thinking of braving the Dubai desert in the evening, closed-toed shoes are recommended to protect your feet against the scorching sands that only cool a little at night.

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Information sourced from the National Centre of Meteorology climate report 2003-2018 for Dubai International Airport.

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