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Dubai Ferry: Everything You Need to Know About Commuting on Water in Dubai

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In recent years Dubai has transformed into a tourism hub, with careful planning gone into the options available for the tourist to explore and travel around the city. Apart from the obvious on-land public transport options, such as the RTA bus, taxi and the Dubai Metro, tourists can also choose to travel along Dubai’s traffic-free waterways.

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What are the different ways to travel on water in Dubai?

There is more than one way to travel along the waterways of Dubai.

  • The modern air-conditioned Water Taxis allow you to travel from 44 different stations in the city while enjoying the tranquillity of the water.
  • The Dubai Abra boat is a city icon and the most traditional way to commute across Dubai Creek, a reminder of the city’s heritage.
  • Finally, Dubai Ferry is yet another modern mode of transport that encompasses all the scenic locations of Dubai, making it ideal for tourists too.

What is the Dubai Ferry?

Operated by Dubai’s Road and Transport Authority (RTA), and one of the newest additions to the Emirate’s expanding public and tourist transport system, the Dubai Ferry service is not only a means of local transport for the residents but also a tourist attraction in itself.

It is on these ferries that you gain a unique perspective of this city, from a traffic-free route while passing by major tourist spots like Dubai Marina, Palm Jumeirah, Burj al Arab, Dubai Water Canal, Jaddaf, Old Dubai and Ghubaiba.

With six major routes, boarding the Dubai Ferry is a wonderful way to explore the city’s tourist-friendly places and the breathtaking coastline.

Each ferry has the capacity to seat up to 100 people on board, including wheel chair and stroller users. Sitting comfortably in these air-conditioned ferries, you will not find a more comfortable way to travel across the city’s waterways and explore some of the most historical and iconic landmarks.

Features on Dubai Ferry:

  1. Seating arrangement: There are 84 silver class seats, 14 gold class seats and 2 disabled seats on board.
  2. Onboard Kiosk: You can choose to buy snacks and souvenirs from the kiosks
  3. LCD screens: These screens display educational videos about the prominent attractions you pass along on your travels on the waterways, allowing you to learn while you travel.
  4. Restroom facilities: Separate restrooms for the men, women and disabled.

How many Dubai Ferry terminals are there?

There are five Dubai Ferry terminals around the city, from which you can hop on and off, depending on your route. These are:

  • Dubai Marina
  • Al Ghubaiba
  • Dubai Canal
  • Al Jaddaf
  • Sheikh Zayed Road

Dubai Ferry Routes

Ever since its launch in 2011, Dubai Ferry has expanded its various routes, including an inter-city route between Dubai and Sharjah. This route, allowing commuters to travel between two emirates without the fuss of regular road traffic, has been a welcome addition. This particular inter-city route stops very close to Sharjah Aquarium, making it a wonderful day trip to plan with the family.

latest Dubai Ferry map issed by the RTA 2020
Dubai ferry map as issued by the RTA last updated May 2020

Another new addition has been the route along the Dubai Water Canal, providing beautiful views of the canal and the cosmopolitan city’s skyline. It is also easily the longest waterway in Dubai, and you can enjoy the experience of floating beneath the Dubai Canal Waterfall!

Scheduled Dubai Ferry services run daily from the five terminals. You can plan your visit by accessing the RTA website. Here are the routes available:

Route 1:  Al Ghubaiba Ferry Station – Dubai Water Canal Station – Dubai Marina Mall Station and vice versa

  • Timings: 11:00 am, 01:00 pm and 06:30 pm
  • Duration: 1 hour and 40 minutes

Route 2: Al Ghubaiba Ferry Station – Floating Bridge – Hyatt Regency Hotel – Al Ghubaiba Ferry Station

  • Timings: 03:00 pm
  • Duration: 1 hour – round trip

Route 3: Al Ghubaiba Ferry Station – Jumeirah Beach – Al Ghubaiba Ferry Station

  • Timings: 05:00 pm
  • Duration: 1 hour – round trip

Route 4: Dubai Marina Mall Station – along Dubai Marina – Atlantis – Dubai Marina Mall Station

  • Timings: 03:00 pm
  • Duration: 1 hour – round trip

Route 5: Dubai Marina Mall Station – Palm Jumeirah – Atlantis the Palm – Dubai Marina Mall Station

  • Timings: 05:00 pm
  • Duration: 1 hour – round trip

Route 6: Al Ghubaiba Marine Station – Sharjah Aquarium Marine Station

  • Timings: 7:45 AM, 4:00 PM, 5:30 PM and 7:00 PM
  • Duration: 35 minutes – round trip

It is advisable to check the official RTA website for timings and any chane ges before you begin your journey on the Dubai Ferry. The Dubai Ferry schedule is subject to change during peak season. 

Dubai Ferry operating on Dubai Creek, Bur Dubai mosque in background
The Dubai Ferry cruising along the highlights of Dubai Creek

How much does a Dubai Ferry ticket cost?

An option to purchase either a silver class ticket or a gold class ticket is available, depending on preference of comfort.

The main body of the ferry from the back is designated for silver-class ticket holders, while 14 more comfortable seats towards the front are for the gold-class ticket holders only. Both class ticket holders also have access to the open deck at the back of the ferry, giving unprecedented views of the city.

One-way ticket prices are as follows:

RouteTicket Price – SilverTicket Price – Gold
Al Ghubaiba to Dubai MarinaAED 5075 Dirhams
Dubai Marina to Al Ghubaiba50 Dirhams75 Dirhams
Dubai Marina Circular Trip50 Dirhams75 Dirhams
Al Ghubaiba Circular Trip50 Dirhams75 Dirhams
Al Ghubaiba to Sharjah Aquarium and vice versa15 Dirhams25 Dirhams
Al Ghubaiba to Dubai Canal Station or Vice Versa   Dubai Marina to Dubai Canal Station or Vice Versa25 Dirhams35 Dirhams

There is also a family ticket bundle available as follows:

Touristic TripsTicket Price – SilverTicket Price – Gold
Family Bundle (2 adults and 2 children)140 Dirhams210 Dirhams

Children’s pricing on Dubai Ferry

For one way trips, children aged five years or younger can travel for free, while children aged 6-12 pay half price. For the round trips, children aged 2 and under can travel for free, and those aged 2-10 pay half price.

How can I buy tickets for Dubai Ferry?

There are ticket booths located at each of the Ferry terminals, adjacent to the ferry departure points, from where you can buy your tickets. It is advisable to arrive well in advance, specially during peak timings, as the queues at the ticket booths can be long.

You can also book some category tickets a month in advance. For Dubai Ferry booking, please contact the official RTA phone number – 8009090

More Frequently Asked Questions about the Dubai Ferry

How many passengers does the Dubai ferry seat?

The Dubai Ferry has the capacity to seat 100 passengers.

It is important to note that the circular/round trips will only run if there are at least 10 passengers on board.

What route does the Dubai ferry take?

There are six routes available, which include one -way trips and circular trips from three prominent terminals: Al Ghubaiba, Dubai Canal Station and Dubai Marina.

How do I book the Dubai ferry?

You can buy your tickets from the Ferry terminals located adjacent to the ferry departure points. There’s no facility to purchase tickets online in advance.

Can you take a ferry in Dubai?

Taking the Dubai Ferry can be a wonderful way to explore the city from the coastline, and get spectacular views of Dubai’s major local attractions, such as Burj al Arab and Palm Jumeirah.

Can I book the Dubai Ferry for a private tour?

Yes, the Dubai Ferry can be hired for private trips between 09:00 am to 09:00 pm. There is an hourly rental charter package, and you can call the official RTA phone number – 8009090 for more details.

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