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Dubai Eid Holidays: Is there a deal to be had?

by Dubai Travel Planner

The exciting occasion of Eid Al Fitr (Eid ul-Fitr) is nearly upon us again with the Holy Month of Ramadan expected to end (subject to moon sighting) on 1 May 2022.

2 May 2022 – or 1 Shawwal 1443 in the Hijri (Islamic) calendar – sees the start of several days of celebrations for the Muslim community around the world as they end their daytime fasting. Prayers take place, along with Zakat (charity) and the giving of gifts (including Eidi) amongst friends and family.

As well as being a joyous celebration, it’s a time of year when many businesses close for extended public holidays.

2022 Eid Holiday Dates in Dubai

For the Government sector in the UAE and schools, Eid ul-Fitr in 2022 will result in many getting an incredible 9 day holiday!! (Starting Friday afternoon 29 April, all the way through to Sunday 8 May 2022).

There’s still some disparity between the private and public sectors in the UAE, some employees will only get three days from 2 May to 4 May (1 to 3 Shawwal).

Regardless of how many days are officially public holidays, one thing is for sure. It’s gonna be busy busy busy in Dubai at the start of May 2022. We mean super busy.

Airports will be at capacity as many travellers flock both away from the Emirates for a short escape, and into the Emirates to enjoy the very best of what Dubai has to offer.

Holiday Deals in Dubai over Eid

One thing is for sure, if you’re only looking for Eid deals in Dubai this week (end of April), you’ve probably left it too late.

We are seeing so many travellers asking since the extended holiday announcement for “great value Eid deals”; the bottom line is, this is when the tourism industry has their prices at their highest; hotels are the most crowded, sightseeing and attractions at their busiest. It’s a simple case of supply and demand.

Most likely this will be Dubai’s busiest post-pandemic tourism week the city has seen.

“Deals” per se, will simply be hard if not impossible to come by over the Dubai Eid Holiday.

That said, if you’re willing to budget a lot more than usual and don’t mind the crowds, where should you visit in Dubai this May?

Dubai Hotels & Attractions to try over Eid

No promises any of these will still have availability but we’re still seeing promotions this week for:

Centara Mirage Beach Resort – Perfect for families, the new Thai all-inclusive offering is found on Deira Islands. Facilities include lagoon pools and a lazy river kid’s splash area, waterslides and a cliff jump platform, a ropes course, and of course kid kid-friendly dining. You’re looking at around 2,000AED per night, but remember, this is all-inclusive.

the slides and ropes course for kiddy fun at Centara Mirage Resort Dubai
Water park on-site and family fun at Centara Mirage Beach Resort Dubai

The Oberoi Beach Resort, Al Zorah – Situated in Ajman, just 25 minutes from Dubai International Airport is a fabulous and relatively unknown beachfront escape in the UAE, away from the crowds of Dubai. The Oberoi Beach Resort Al Zorah offers that perfect blend of relaxation and activities. There are private villas with their own pool, enjoy the Oberoi Spa or water sports activities along the white sandy beach.

The Oberoir beach Resort Al Zorh in Ajman overhead view of the main pool
The stunning Oberoi Beach Resort, Al Zorah, an easy beach escape from Dubai

Be warned, in addition to advertised headline prices for hotels and resorts, you have tourism taxes and municipality charges to add on. We discuss exactly what Dubai tourist taxes to expect over here.

Tip for tackling DXB Airport over Eid

Come early and still be prepared to wait! Even with all checkouts and bag drops open at DXB, you’ll find even the road approaching the airport becomes log jammed with traffic; taxies and chauffers desperately trying to get their clients to the airport on time when the wide-open freeways narrow to just a few lanes; it can be chaos.

Will I Need a Baby Stroller in Dubai?

We highly recommend over Eid:

  • If possible you take the Metro instead of driving to DXB to avoid congestion and prevent being late for your flight.
  • Try and use the Dubz Bag Check-in home collection service in advance of your flight so you do not need to tackle the baggage drop. Investing in Fast Track could also alleviate more of your airport stress.
  • Expect the executive airport lounges could be full; even if your ticket or credit card entitles you to a seat, they’ll close the doors when they’re at capacity some come with a pre-flight alternative plan if you normally hunker down in an exec lounge at DXB.
  • Landing into DXB? Avoid the queues for a taxi and book yourself a Welcome Pickup door-to-door driver service who’ll be waiting there for you at the airport to complete your transfer

Sorry, we cannot wave a magic wand for an amazing value family getaway this Eid. The moral of the story – start looking now for April 2023. Eid-al Fitr will all approximately 20 to 23 April 2023. Easter will fall 9 April 2023. Anything between these dates will be exceptionally busy in Dubai. Try and lock in your rate early for next year!

Good luck and Eid Mubarak

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