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Deep Dive Dubai – The World’s Deepest Swimming Pool!

by Dubai Travel Planner

In a city struggling to fit all the superlatives, it should come as no surprise that the thrill-seekers can now find the world’s deepest swimming pool in its midst!

Yup, add scuba diving and exploring a sunken city to your Dubai bucket list.

Deep Dive Dubai

Opening to the public from 28 July 2021, Deep Dive Dubai brings an indoor underwater world to discover to water-loving thrillseekers.

Be it learning to scuba dive in a safe indoor environment, upping your experience and dive qualifications, or simply the bragging right behind having swum in the world’s deepest pool, there’s plenty of good reasons to get Deep Dive Dubai on your Dubai itinerary!

Deep Dive Dubai – the important numbers!

  • Pool Depth – 60.2m; verified by Guinness World Records as the world’s deepest swimming pool for diving on 29th June 2021.
  • Pool capacity – 14 million liters of water ( the equivalent of 6 Olympic swimming pools).
  • It is 15m deeper, and four times bigger than any other indoor building of its kind in the world, as of 29thJune 2021.
  • Surface dimensions – 27m long/17m wide:
  • Deepshaft – 10m in diameter.
  • Water temperature – 30 degress celcius.
  • Underwater cameras – 56, covering all angles.
  • Underwater speakers – 27, allowing for ambient music and important messaging to divers.

Scuba and Freediving Experiences at Deep Dive Dubai

Deep Dive Dubai’s experiences are available across three categories for those aged 10 and up:

  • “Discover” – For those who want to try a single dive or take the first steps towards certification as a diver. Discover experiences include Discover Scuba Diving, Discover Freediving, and an Entry Level Course (scuba diving) for those wanting to take the first steps towards certification.
  • “Dive” – The Dive category allows divers, from newbies to technical divers to dive to within their certification limits across freediving and scuba diving.
  • “Develop” – The Develop category is for training to both develop skills and gain certifications across Scuba Diving and Freediving.

A full course list and pricing can be found online at

Deep Dive Dubai is certified as both a PADI 5-Star Instructor Development Course (IDC) facility, as well as a GUE (Global Underwater Explorers) facility.

All underwater experiences include the equipment, so there’s no need to bring, borrow or rent anything extra. Primary equipment suppliers to Deep Dive Dubai are Halcyon, Scubapro and Fourth Element.

Family & friends will be able to watch your experience through the many windows and cameras that are covering the entire pool.

Note that you will not have any marine encounters in the Deep Dive Dubai pool, it’s a swimming pool experience, not an aquarium.

Burj Khalifa and Deep Dive Dubai? It is recommended to wait 18-24 hours after a dive before ascending over 300 metres/1000 feet – so we would suggest not combining the two in this order; Burj Khalifa then Deep Dive, no problem!

Facilities & Technology at Deep Dive Dubai

The Deep Dive Dubai Facility covers 1,500sqm and in addition to the pool deck and pool includes; changing rooms, prayer rooms, MICE facilities and offices along with:

  • A Dive Shop: Selling a variety of Deep Dive Dubai merchandise as well as diving supplies from top brands.
  • Restaurant: An onsite restaurant located on a lower level of the facility will be open to the public later in 2021 and will be able to host up to 80 guests at a time. Diners at the restaurant can view into the pool through any number of large viewing windows.
  • Hyperbaric Chamber: Deep Dive Dubai has a Hyperbaric Chamber that can be used to treat decompression sickness or other conditions. The larger chamber features lounge chairs as well as a TV and can accommodate 10 people at a time. The chamber will become fully operational later in 2021.
  • Water Filtration System: The pool’s freshwater is filtered every 6 hours in one of the largest and fastest filter systems in the region. First, it is passed through a perlite filter, consisting of naturally occurring siliceous volcanic rock, where larger particles such as dust, debris, and organic matter are removed. Secondly, a NASA-developed ionization process controls bacteria. Thirdly, two huge UV reactors disinfect the water, terminating any bacteria as the water passes through. The water temperature is then adjusted, and the water is pumped back into the pool.

In addition to guest experiences, the facilities at Deep Dive have been designed in such a way they can be used as an underwater film studio.

Planning your visit to Deep Dive Dubai

If you’d like to go and see Deep Dive Dubai then advance booking is required, here’s everything you need to know:

Deep Dive Dubai Timings

Open Wednesday to Sunday from 12 noon to 8:00 PM.

Deep Dive Dubai Location

Nad Al Sheba 1, Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

The Deep Dive Dubai facilities in Nad al Sheba 1

Get in Touch with Deep Dive Dubai

  • Facebook: @DeepDiveDubai
  • Instagram: @DeepDiveDubai
  • YouTube: @DeepDiveDubai
  • Web:

With thanks to Deep Dive Dubai media team for the supply of all the facts and figures and images

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