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7 Best Escape Rooms in Dubai in 2024

by Dubai Travel Planner

You must have played countless escape games on your smartphones. How about experiencing them in real life, and that also in the happening city of Dubai?

Escape rooms are becoming an increasingly popular indoor activity in Dubai, especially among the teens. In case you’re wondering, an escape room is a game in which the players are locked inside a room, and they have to find clues and solve puzzles to unlock the room. The rooms can be themed and have limited time to accomplish tasks and escape.

It is an immersive game that encourages teamwork and promotes cognitive learning. In short, it is a gaming experience like no other!

Whether you’re a problem-solving family, looking for a team-building event venue or you’re with your mates and seeking out some horrifying thrills, there’s an escape room in Dubai to suit you! Here we summarise the best escape room experiences in Dubai that you wouldn’t want to miss!

7 Best Escape Rooms in Dubai

Here are the 7 best escape rooms we’d short list for your visit to Dubai:

1. NoWayOut

NoWayOut is one of the best horror escape rooms in Dubai with 8 escape rooms to choose from. It has several movie-themed rooms as well, including The Ring, The Da Vinci Code, Psycho, and Maniac.

Other famous rooms include School of Magic, which is exclusively for Harry Potter fans! You have to solve the Dark Lord’s riddles to survive. Then there’s Houdini, in which you have to work around several tricky puzzles to escape.

All-in-all, it’s an excellent place to have hair-raising experiences, and with only 60 minutes to escape each room, the thrill goes up a notch!

Groups of 2 to 6 people need to work as a team to figure out how to crack the puzzles. It also has escape rooms for kids with medium difficulty where kids aged 15+ can play independently, but kids under 15 need an adult to accompany them.


  • Jumeirah Lake Towers
  • City Walk


  • AED 140 per person

Age Restrictions

  • The minimum age range is 12 years.

For more information please visit

2. Brain Game

Another famous escape room in Dubai is Brain Game. It has 6 different escape rooms to pick from including, Chocolate Factory, The Others, Seven, Stalker, Last Laugh, and Forever Alone. All the rooms have a 60-minute time limit to escape, except for Forever Alone, where you get 2 whole hours to solve puzzles and crack riddles to survive.

Apart from escape rooms, Brain Game also has almost 20 board games, some of which are:

  • Exploding Kittens
  • Spot It!
  • Taco Cat Goat Cheese Pizza
  • Coup
  • Saboteur

It requires a group of 2 to 6 people to enter an escape room and work together as a team to win it.


  • Jumeirah Terrace Building


  • AED 240 per 2 players

Age Restrictions

Children under 12 require adult supervision. Children 12 and above can play in teams.

For more information please visit

3. Countdown Challenge

If you’ve got some puzzle-solving skills, regardless of your age, head over to the Countdown Challenge and test your survival skills!

It has 5 escape rooms with varying difficulty levels. The rooms include The Basement, Last Will, Stolen, Escape Plan, and Crime Evidence, with 60 minutes time limit to escape and win! One team can have a maximum of 10 players each.

The Countdown Challenge also hosts birthdays, proposals, and corporate and private events.


  • Jumeirah Beach Residence


  • AED 280 to 1400 depending on the number of players and the time.

Age Restrictions

  • Children of all ages can participate if they have what it takes to solve puzzles.

For more information, please visit (The venue temporarily closed at the end of 2022 – we’re yet to see any news of a re-opening date)

4. Phobia Escape Games

Want to take your escape room experience to the next level of creepiness? Visit the Phobia Escape Games for unique live games in reality!

From the horror escape room of Jack the Ripper, the Dark Room of Anabelle, the Battle of Wizards, the Vault full of zombies, and the house of the Madman, to the real-life Mission Impossible experience, you will find 6 escape rooms to choose from. Each room has a 60-minute time limit to find clues, solve puzzles, and finally escape.

The best part about Phobia Escape Games is that it can be played by people of all ages, in a group of 2 to 5 people. It is one of the best phobia escape rooms in Dubai that can be enjoyed during the daytime too.


  • Jumeirah Lake Towers


  • From AED 115 per person.

Age Restrictions

  • Kids under 14 need an adult with them.

For more information please visit

5. Escape Hunt

If you’re a fan of detective novels and movies, the Escape Hunt is just the place for you!

Here you have to option to choose from 2 escape rooms, Prison Breakout and Jack the Ripper. Or, if you would rather immerse in a VR game, you get to choose from Alice, Mission Sigma, Survival, and Jungle Quest.

Besides escape rooms and VR gaming, players can also choose to play multiplayer games online with their friends.

And, if you would like to enjoy everything from the comfort of your home, you can choose a game from the list and go on an adventure by yourself.

It has something for everyone!


  • Galleria Mall 


  • AED 145 per person.

Age Restrictions

  • Ages 7 and above

For more information please visit

6. Deep Dark Dubai

If you’re looking for a one-of-a-kind horror escape room in Dubai that feels right out of a slasher movie, Deep Dark Dubai is where you need to be!

It has 2 scary villas, Paranormal and The Sinner. Each villa can have a team of 2 to 9 players to navigate through it while live actors pop up randomly to give you the scare of a lifetime. Every team has 60 minutes to make it out alive from the escape rooms! Just sayin’!


  • Al Quoz 1


  • AED 135 to 200 per person, depending on the number of team members. The more the members, the lesser the per-person cost.

Age Restrictions

  • Scarier than most, this one is restricted to ages 15 and above

For more information please visit

7. Hungarian Games

If you’re in for competitive gameplay, head over to the Hungarian Games, where 2 teams can compete against one another and see who wins!

It has 5 different escape rooms to choose from, including Escape Hunt Dubai, Studio 113, 4th Element, Crime Scene, and Jail Break. Each team enters the rooms and navigates their way through various hurdles, and puzzles while finding clues. The team who makes it out first within 60 minutes wins!

Once you’ve finished your adventure, get tucked in at Dubai’s best Scandinavian restaurant, Cafe Smorrebrod.

In short, if you want to have a fun and worthwhile time with your friends, family, or colleagues, you know where to go!


  • Al Quoz 1


  • AED 199 per person.

Age Restrictions

  • Ages 8 and above. Kids under 8 need to be accompanied by an adult.

For more information please visit


Hanging out with friends is always fun, but if you want to make it memorable and worthwhile, going to an escape room would be a great idea. There’s an impressive variety of escape rooms in Dubai ranging from horror to detective to wizarding battles that can be enjoyed by kids and adults alike, it’s the latest craze keeping us all cool indoors in Dubai.

So, get ready to get thrilled and scare yourself silly while navigating through dark escape rooms with danger lurking at every corner!

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