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All About Tourism and Permanent Stays in Dubai

by Dubai Travel Planner

Need-to-know information about growth in Tourism, Dubai Real Estate & Construction

Construction Categories in Dubai

All construction projects being implemented in Dubai to support the growth of the tourism industry can be divided into two main categories; tourism infrastructure and hotel real estate.

The first category includes large-scale buildings and structures that are being built with the aim of creating new tourist attractions in the emirate.

Their importance can hardly be overestimated: according to industry analysts, a significant part of Asian tourists, who in the near future will become the most frequent guests of the emirate, will come here for the first time, while the main purpose of their visits will be acquaintance with the iconic sights of Dubai, including the Burj Khalifa skyscraper, Dubai Mall and the world’s only seven-star Burj Al Arab.

New attractions in Dubai

That is why the creation of new attractions in the emirate does not stop. Among the most curious new products are the park complexes Dubai Parks and Resorts, IMG Worlds of Adventure, and Dubai Safari Park – such theme parks are extremely popular among family lovers and among other categories of tourists.

Fans of complex large-scale projects will love a visit to the man-made Bluewaters Island, which will host the Ain Dubai (Dubai Eye) Ferris wheel, as well as the coastal area of Dubai Creek Harbor, where the world’s tallest observation tower is being built.

Bluewaters island Dubai overlooking Ain Dubai world's largest observation wheel
New development Bluewaters Island and Ain Dubai a new tourism focal point of the city

History lovers will be happy to visit the Al Fahidi Historical Neighbourhood, where the ancient pages of Dubai’s history are carefully preserved and restored, and the Etihad Museum, where you can get acquainted with the emirate and entire state creation and development chronology.

To leave guests only with the warmest memories of the trip, the emirate is supporting real estate developers in Dubai working on the second category of construction projects, namely hotel real estate.

Impeccable quality and impeccably high standards of service are a distinctive characteristic of Dubai hotels, which not only maintains the popularity of the emirate among tourists but also determines the interest of world investors in the purchase of apartments for sale in Dubai, the UAE, and hotel rooms in order to guarantee a solid profit for many years.

Ax Capital will help you buy property in Dubai

Many tourists from all over the world come to Dubai with one aim – to see this man-made oasis in the desert, feel the Arabian charm, and enjoy all the attractions of this magnificently beautiful emirate. But once you are here, the city catches you in its net and there is no way to escape.

Seeking out the very best of Dubai in February 2022

Yes, you can return back to your country and continue your habitual way of life but your life will not remain as it is now. Dubai will come to you in your dreams, you will try to catch the smell of this city there where you live but all for nothing. Dubai has already put its magic spells on you and there is no antidote from it. You will definitely go back till you decide to settle there.

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